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                         E-Newsletter August 2013
               Gordon Neighbourhood House
Hello There,

Welcome to the Gordon Neighbourhood House Newsletter!

Gordon Neighbourhood House has served as a community hub in Vancouver’s West End since 1942. We have a history of working alongside our friends and neighbours to facilitate connection, engagement and seizing opportunities for community development. The Newsletter is a mechanism we have created for you to stay updated on news, events and activities connected to Gordon Neighbourhood House. We thank you for your continued interest and support of our work in the community.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: The GNH New Bus Campaign

We are long overdue for a new Gordon Neighbourhood House school bus. The current GNH bus is a 1994 model and it well primed for retirement. Our goal is to have it off of the road by November. 
You can help bring a new bus to GNH. We are able to secure a new Sunshine Coach School Bus from Variety Children's Charity for $10,000.  That means that if 100 People donate $100 = a new GNH bus.

You can drop off a cheque at the front desk or make an online contribution using the "Donate" button at the top right corner of our new website 


Food Scraps Recycling Turns Waste Into Useful Compost

Let’s Put Our Food Scraps To Good Use

Did you ever wonder what happens to food and kitchen scraps after being thrown away? These scraps typically account for about 40% of garbage. In the past it went straight to landfill and created greenhouse gas emissions.

Gordon Neighborhood House Is Helping With The Solution

To be part of the solution, since 2011, Gordon Neighbourhood House has not only collected food scraps from our own food services but also served as a host of one of three Food Scraps Drop Spots in the West End. Each week these spots now take in up to 400 drops, amounting to about 2,800 pounds (1.3 metric tons) of nutrient-rich scraps, which are then converted into compost to grow things again. You are welcome to participate.

West End Food Scraps Drop-off Points:

  • Gordon Neighbourhood House – 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm Tuesdays (trial), and 10 am to 12 noon Saturdays (Oct 26 and beyond)
  • West End Farmer’s Market – 9 am to 2 pm Saturdays (until Oct 19)
  • West End Community Centre  - 10 am to 12 noon Saturdays (year round)

Find Out More

By 2015 Vancouver must have a solution for neighbourhoods like the West End. More information from partners: http://foodscrapsdropspot.caand West End Neighbourhood Food Network

Hi there! I’m Andrew Christie, your Food Security Programmer and Lead Cook here at Gordon Neighbourhood House.

In addition to helping to prepare delicious meals for you, I’m also overseeing our the urban farming and food security initiatives here at Gordon House, a series of programs we’re hoping to grow in the coming year.

I’m an enthusiastic baseball fan, and like everyone who cheers for the Blue Jays, I’m waiting until next year.  I’m also learning to play the 5-string banjo, and can occasionally produce vaguely musical noises with it. My cat and roommate both look forward to my improving.

I’m always happy to talk about food, be it the delicious dinner you had last night, how to find or grow vegetables, or the lunch you enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) with us, so if there’s something that you’d like to talk about, come and say hi or email me at

I look forward to working alongside each and every one of you. Together we grow!


Gordon Neighbourhood House is pleased to invite you to join us for our low-cost community lunches. Each Tuesday and Thursday we provide a delicious, nutritionally-balanced three course meal for only $5. Bring a friend, or come and make some new ones! Please reserve a spot at the front desk, email us at or call us at 604-683-2554, so we can be sure to save you a spot.
On Wednesdays, we offer a selection of sandwiches and salads, and a bowl or two of soup on a pay-what-you-can basis.  Takeaway sandwiches are available, supplies permitting, at a cost of $1 each.
We’re also looking for volunteers, to make these programs possible.  There’s a number of ways in which you can help, so if you’ve got some free time and want to get involved in your neighbourhood house, please contact us at  Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!

Lunch Schedule:                                                                                              Tuesday  (12:00pm): $5     Wednesday  NEW (12:30pm) Pay What You Can     Thursday (12:00pm): $5

THE HARO                                 

We are pleased to announce that the first issue of The Haro was launched on Friday, July 26 just before the first night of the Honda Celebration of Light. Please visit to read some of the impressive content that has been submitted from community members as well as by the talented GNH community journalist team that is behind The Haro. We would like to thank the Haro team for their hard work and dedication to bringing this project to fruition. In addition to being updated with content from the community on a regular basis, The Haro will consist of periodical print publications. Look out for the first print edition of The Haro at the beginning of October structured around the theme of Roots, and stay tuned for the Roots launch party and community potluck that will be happening during the West End Food Festival (Oct 4-7, 2013)
If you would to become part of The Haro team please email and if you would like to submit to the Roots issue please click the following two links:

We are pleased report that the Clean Team has been up and running since July 2. The team has been working on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays cleaning up the commercial areas on Davie, Denman, and Robson streets, and the team’s first litter audit is taking place as you read this and will be a continuous occurrence during the first week of every month.
On August 1, in an area covering Denman Street from Davie to Haro the team collected 51 candy wrappers, 23 coffee cups and cup paraphernalia, 25 pieces of organic waste, and 1250 cigarette butts. The information from the litter audit will eventually be used to animate community conversations around waste and litter prevention. So come find us--we’re just getting started!

The Clean Team is a partnership between Gordon Neighbourhood House and The West End Business Improvement Association. 

What excites me most about being part of the Clean Team?

To me, being part of the Clean Team means an opportunity to give back to the community. It's a contribution not only to the community, but to a global effort, of making a better world and environment for us all to live in. It's something that I think everyone can hold as a common goal, so being able to pursue an effort that impacts everyone, not just here in Vancouver, is really exciting.

I think that a clean community is something that everyone can take pride in, so I want to do my best to make the Westend community a place of pride for it's residents, and a model to other communities throughout Vancouver. Don't be afraid to say hello when you see us out on the streets. 

- Kai 


When: Saturdays 
Cost: Free with a GNH membership of $5

From time to time most of us are faced with situations which seem to take all our strength and energy. It can be difficult to know who to talk to where you will feel heard and accepted. Counselling is about providing a safe and caring environment in which to explore and understand your world and so discover better ways of thinking and living. Counselling is not about giving answers or telling you what you should do. Each of us, given the space to explore our options, have the ability to find our own answers. If you are feeling stuck or struggling with situations such as: stress, depression, grief and loss, post abortion, life transitions and decisions, anxiety, domestic violence, sexuality or spirituality please call Elaine for an appointment @ 778-231-2230   

This summer has been a busy one for families and youth at Gordon Neighbourhood House.  Not only have we launched our newest family program, Seeds to Supper (Saturdays 4-7pm) but Summer Camp 2013 is also in full-swing!  Our opening day of Seeds to Supper, on July 6th, included meeting the S2S staff (Joy de Castro and Barbara Shaw), making smoothies and participating in Angelo Moroni’s interactive musical theatre workshop.  This fun, drop-in, hands-on program focuses on family wellness, sharing a healthy meal as well as opportunities to participate in music and arts/crafts weekly.  Bring your family and come join the fun!
Summer camp staff (Julia, Emily, Curtis, Amy, Vicky and Amy) are busy making sure that all of our campers are having a fun-filled, active summer.  When campers are at GNH, you can hear them playing their homemade drums, learning about worm composting, or smell their baking.  When they are out exploring the Lower Mainland, they have enjoyed learning to fish at Rice Lake in North Vancouver, a Canadians baseball game, Vancouver museum and a day trip to Bowen Island.  In the coming weeks, they are looking forward to Camp Sasamat, the Burnaby Museum as well as Science World.  If you would like to join in the activities, contact Julia to reserve your spot.

In other news Creative Playtime will run throughout the summer this year so bring your toddler to the weekly circle of fun on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at GNH. 

Deadline for More Applications:  September 16, 2013

With the project first phase in full swing, Trashtalk welcomes more applications for its second phase intake. 

Trashtalk is a pilot project working with recycling champions in apartments, condos and co-ops to establish food scraps recycling and improve current recycling programs in Vancouver multi-family residences.

With the 2015 Metro Van ban on organics looming and Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan targeting new food scraps recycling as a key path to its Zero Waste goals, now is the time to sign up for Trashtalk.

Trashtalk is currently working with co-ops, condos and apartments in the West End  and Mount Pleasant but welcomes applications from anywhere in Vancouver.

There are lots of good reasons to participate including free assistance to plan and implement a food scraps recycling program and modest financial support to engage your neighbours. Check out our resource:  Six Reasons to Participate in Trashtalk [hyperlink:]
For more info, Sign Up [hyperlink:] or send us an email:

Right now, our spinach is right at the peak of its deliciousness, and we can’t eat it fast enough! If you’d like to help, wander in the back of the house and take a few pieces for yourself. 

Here’s an idea for what to do with it.

Spinach, bacon and egg salad
Serves 4 as an appy, 2 as a light meal
600g spinach, washed and dried
4 slices bacon, cut in half and cooked.  Reserve the fat, please
2 eggs, hard-boiled and chopped
1 orange or grapefruit, cut into segments
15 ml sherry vinegar
30 ml canola oil
5 ml grainy mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

For the vinaigrette: combine the vinegar, mustard and citrus juice in a small bowl and whisk. Slowly add the bacon fat and canola oil. Reserve.

This recipe can be prepared up to this point and held up to 24 hours.

To serve, toss the spinach with enough of the dressing to coat. Arrange on plates, garnishing with the chopped egg, bacon and citrus segments. Add salt and black pepper to taste.


Are you interested in issues affecting West End Seniors?  Join the Planning Table network and become more involved in planning with and for Seniors in our community.
Planning Tables perform an essential role by bringing together community leaders, agencies, advocates, and seniors to make decisions, take action, and develop solutions to emerging needs and issues facing seniors in local communities.  Planning Tables are an important part of the greater ‘system’ that creates social change.

You are invited to our monthly meetings featuring key-note speakers and lively discussions sharing information about issues and programs affecting Seniors. 
Meetings are Fridays at Gordon Neighbourhood House from 10:00 am-12:00pm
Friday  August 30, 2013 
Friday  September 27, 2013 
Friday  October 25, 2013 
Friday  December 6, 2013 
Sharon Isaak, Planning Table Coordinator
Ana Maria Bustamente, Community Development Coordinator

Gordon Neighbourhood House acknowledges and honours the fact that our community lies on unceded Indigenous land belonging to the Coast Salish peoples.
Copyright © 2013 Gordon Neighbourhood House, All rights reserved.
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Mailing Address: 1019 Broughton St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2A7, B.C. Canada

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