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My dear friends,

Bohdan and Natália got married last summer. Both are newish believers, and Nati was baptized at our August church retreat. This month they shared their stories in their community group. They invited their unbelieving friends to the Zoom meetings. Five friends came to hear Bohdan. They listened, then returned a week later to hear Nati, along with several of Nati’s friends.

Now they want more—they want to taste not only the community, but our Paradox congregation in its worship. They say that when they are with Paradox people, they feel energy and peace. One of them, who always leaves as soon as he hears something he doesn’t like or that makes him uncomfortable, stayed to the last word; later he said he’s looking for something, and agreed to read the Bible with Bohdan.

This is what bearing witness to Christ can look like in a pandemic. Please pray for these unbelieving friends, that they would find a Friend in Jesus. Pray especially for the young man who’s hungry and curious enough to read the Bible. Ask the Spirit to open his heart to the gospel and grant him repentance unto life.

And thank our dear Father for his faithfulness to his young children.


Complicated logistics cramp my brain. And as if moving from one side of the planet to the other weren’t complicated enough, how about we throw in some COVID-testing and mask requirements for travel, various documents needed in different countries, quarantine, more testing after arrival, etc. The plan, with its deliverables, dependencies, details, and decision points, looks like something drawn up by Rube Goldberg.

It’s comforting to know, then, that the Divine Logos is also the Divine Logistician, who in his providence manages more complicated systems in a single mosquito’s proboscis than I’m trying to juggle in our transatlantic shuffle. And he manages not just one mosquito’s proboscis, but an innumerable multitude of proboscises, stylets, mandibles, labella, and whatever other insect mouthparts there be—plus everything else that abounds in heaven and on earth. The One who governs all that can surely see us through this transition.

Please ask him to ease my heart and mind and renew my confidence in him—a confidence he has more than earned. And thank him that he’s answered our prayer for a home to land in. We’ll start writing our new tales in a Wayside Inn—er, I mean on Wayside Drive—in Bryan.


Did someone mention complications? How about this one: In 2007 we moved to Trnava and God gave us many dear friends. Then we moved to Strečno and he gave us more dear friends in the village and in Žilina. Then to Nitra, where God added to our burgeoning collection. He’s done the same in Košice and in Bratislava. And now it’s time to say a hundred hard goodbyes across the country, but we can’t. At least, not in person. Not with proper hugs. Not with satisfying closure. Not with a parting glass. Zoom in all its glory just isn’t up to the task.

Please ask God to mend the gap—the gap in our hearts, and the gap that will stretch between us and our beloved Slovaks … till we meet again.


We will also dearly miss our colleagues the Gregoires, who are doing great work in Eastern Slovakia. Please spend a few minutes grace-scrolling through their website. And feel free to ask Dan and Rebecca about anything that piques your interest.


Now may the risen Lord Jesus Christ, whom you proclaim by your words and life, make your witness heavy with fruit, as through you he draws your unbelieving friends to himself. Amen.

Kris (for Paula)

PS: For the curious, here are a few (expected) highlights of our SK-TX transition.
  • 27-28 April: Moving crew empties our Bratislava apartment
  • 28 April: PCR tests required for travel
  • 29 April: turn over the house and car keys, bus to Vienna Airport hotel
  • 30 April: fly Vienna to Houston via Amsterdam; drive to Bryan
  • 30 April – 6 May: self-isolate in mostly-empty house
  • 3 May: PCR tests to shorten isolation
  • 7 May: if all goes well, freely move about
Our colleagues the Gregoires Our colleagues the Gregoires
  • Thank God for Bohdan and Nati’s faithfulness; ask God to bring a harvest among their friends
  • Thank God for a place in Bryan for Kris and Paula to live and serve
  • Trust in God during our complex transition from Slovakia to Texas
  • Our elders, that they grow as shepherds of God’s flock
  • Our residency program and interns Martin and Laura
  • Growing ministry for the Gregoires in Eastern Slovakia
  • Support for Lubica, Slovak-American joining MTW in Bratislava
  • Kelly, Katie’s mom, who is being treated for cancer
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