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We are deeply touched by your sympathies. Thank you so much!
Like you, we didn’t know what would happen these days. On the 4th Advent we sang and played flute and guitar during a church service. It was very special.
One part, we had the most beautiful Christmas days ever with so many super-intense blessings. On the other side, this inconceivable loss. We shared these days in the hospital with wonderful friends and Gustav’s mother, Karin. And, Swamiji, Jesus, Baba, Mother Divine and many more beautiful beautiful angels! Our group experienced an unimaginable power, clarity and such soothing easiness. What a gift!
However we go, with sadness or being so happy for him (that he took off soooo peacefully), we always come to find the same result: his soul energy is amazingly wonderful, happy and free! 
We are full of endless gratitude for that.
We feel that these days are giving a wonderful message (and many more) to us:
We are ONE big family!
We love you all.
God bless us to realise the highest truth.
Sabeena, Mira and Govindan
PS: The picture shows Gustav “in his element” 2015.

Saying Goodbye

Sankirtanacharia Gustav Vigneshwara will be buried on Jan 7th, 2015 at 3 pm in the “FriedWald” (literally ‘PeaceForest’) in the midst of beautiful Reinhard Forest underneath ‘his’ tree. 

Following the funeral we will gather in a pleasant space and celebrate Gustav’s life. For organisatorial reasons we set up a register site. Since the preferred indian restaurant  can only host 80 people we need detailed information about the number of attendees. It also eases to in case organize an alternative location.

Please register HERE

How to Say Thank You
by Eric & Veemala

Gustav’s beautiful family lost a wonderful father and a husband. Let’s make sure that they are at least financially supported for awhile. Here’s how we can say Thank You, Gustav, and support them to continue with their good works: growing the bhajans and spiritual teachings in the world. Please donate generously.

Read more HERE


"Let us love and serve each other and be happy." 

- Sri Kaleshwar


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