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"Atma Sandhana (Sam) Yoga stage means two souls are melting like one, but in the illusion it appears to look like you’re not one. The mechanism is, you're hooking your heart to your master straightly, melting your Swami’s energy and your energy, sucking the highest energy from the nature through the blessing coming through your master’s soul."

Sri Kaleshwar

Let's celebrate our Divine Master Sri Kaleshwar on this precious day of his birth! 

Heartfelt invitation to join us in a group meditation and enjoy the teaching about Atma Sandhana Yoga - Winning the Master’s Heart:  Atma to Paramatma – Becoming a Divine Soul

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Atma Sandhana Yoga
Sri Kaleshwar Teaching Handout

“Your Swami wants to explain the inner depth mechanism of Atma – Paramatma Yoga. It means, Guru Parampara. Atma means your soul, and paramatma means Divine Soul. Once after certain time period your soul matures, then will start to get ripe.

When your soul gets ripe, then you’re going to experience the real satchitananda. That stage that’s what I want to talk…"  

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Kaleshwar Jayanti 
Group Meditation

"Try to do that. It’s not my words. It’s thousands of years ago written in the palm leave books and I (am) linked with that two bishaksharas. Who wants to connect with me, you chant that whenever you need help. Don’t think this physical body; my soul level consciousness, my Brahma consciousness will always come on you and protect you."

- Sri Kaleshwar

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"I have no idea in which direction he’s coming. No idea. If I’m thinking he’s coming in the north, he’s in the southwest. If I’m watching on all four angles, he’s coming on the top. If I cover everything, he’s already there. He’s already there. That’s called sunya stithi. In Sanskrit, sunya stithi means in nothing is everything – in the everything is the nothing.

Sri Kaleshwar

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