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“Jesus is a divine soul, a you. He did His sadhana; He got success. The point is, whatever processes he did, the ancient information in the manuscripts, we are doing it and we're accessing it.”
- Sri Kaleshwar

Dear Friends,
We are offering a 21-Day Online Meditation Course leading up to Christmas. Our aim is to connect intensely with the energy of Jesus, pulling His energy strongly into our daily lives.
We are heartfully inviting you to join us on this special 21-day Sadhana Program, beginning on 1st December 2013. Please find the English announcement here. Please feel free to invite friends and family members to join us.
The program material will also be offered in the following languages:
If you have friends who are native speakers of the above languages, you are welcome to invite them to join the group process. Everyone is welcome. If you are new to this path and your heart is open, you will feel the benefit from the group energy field that we will be generating together. Remember that Jesus has said that where more than one are gathered in His name, He will be there....
With love,
Tatyana, Tobias and the European Team


Just in time before Christmas the New Gurustan Candles are available in the Online Shop. They have images of Shirdi Baba, Sri Kaleshwar, Jesus and Mother Mary plus the words Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema written on them. They can be used for the Altar or also for Advents Wreath. 
You can order them HERE
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