Sri Kaleshwar Europa
Dear Friends,

We are much looking forward to the upcoming 5 week meditation, knowledge and experiential progam which begins February 8th and is being offered as a distance course. Once again we sincerely invite you to participate. 

We will use the time until Shiva Ratri to prepare for the program together.
We will connect to Shiva’s deep silence and allow it to flow through our lives. It is the perfect time to lay down old burdens and clear away blocks that keep us from recognizing and experiencing our true selves.  In doing so we come closer to our divine reality.

It is time to release, let go, and at the same time increase our power.
We are like a seed which takes all the power of the earth stored inside itself and focuses its energy inwardly in order to sprout strongly in the Spring. 

Our team is already working with high energy to prepare the program.
In addition to Satsangs there will be video clips, texts from Swami, and other inspiring posts. There is much to look forward to!      

Some highlights of the program:
  • We will receive Shiva’s energy through the soul of Shirdi Sai Baba by connecting to Baba through his special personal mantra.
  • The daily time needed for the group meditation and process is approximately 30 minutes.
  • You can choose any time of day to do your personal meditations. 
  • All satsangs, teachings, video posts as well as scripts will be available to participants at all times via login at
  • This course is useful for both new and advanced students.

Participants in the distance course can choose any location they prefer to be on Shiva Ratri night. Some students will be at Penukonda (, some will gather here in Europe with other students, and again others will spend this night in silent observance alone. You are also warmly invited to the Shiva Ratri retreat in Eifel (

It is still possible to register for the Masters Class until the 8th of February.
We would be glad if you invite people close to you whom you think may be interested in this program.

Our warmest greetings,

Tatyana, Tobias
& the Masters Class Team

Shirdi Sai Baba

„No doubt, he was purely a Shiva character. An avadhut beyond the Five Elements. He was a man of miracles, and an amazing powerful healer, but he lived his life with a begging bowl in the street. 
He was a simple character, enjoying the divine fragrance of his life. He had amazing abilities, but rarely showed them.

He doesn’t care, yet at the same time he cares. He is overseeing and taking care of every part of the Creation.

He saw two thousand years ahead to prepare the souls. He has already planted the seeds. He already made the movie, and now he’s just playing the cassette in the nature.

A new Yuga started in 2000, the Sai Yuga. In this golden age of enlightenment, everybody will love Shirdi Baba.

If anyone just thinks of him, 
“Oh Baba, I love you,”
that’s enough.

Two things he always said,
shraddha and saburi. 
Practice and patience.“

- Sri Kaleshwar
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