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“I’ll be with you no matter what. I’ll be with you no matter what. I will be with you no matter what! In any circumstances, any painful time, hard time, happy moments, any moment, the Guru Parampara is with you. I am the nature, no separation. I know exactly how you feel. I am the Mother. I am the heartbeat of creation. I command on the nature - No - I am the nature, the trees, the wind, the sun - everything.” Sri Kaleshwar
Dear Friends,

Although Sri Kaleshwar announced often that he would leave soon, his Mahasamadhi was the beginning of a challenging time for many. The person in our life who gave us hope and loved us unconditionally, was not physically present anymore. Grief, Loss, and being confronted with one’s own feeling of unworthiness had many of us asking ourselves: Is it really true that his students are his greatest gift to the world? Does he mean me? How will it go on?

Much has happened since then. Most of it in silence, in personal processes. One can sense that the turbulent times are coming to an end even though there is much work to do. Swami’s energy is very present for many and a change can be felt more strongly - a recognition. 

Uncertainty is being more and more transformed into confidence, faith and the knowledge that everything is going in the right direction. Swami often said Baba already wrote the movie - now he is just playing it. 

On Saturday, March 15th we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi. This year it falls on a full moon and will be especially powerful. We invite you on this special day, to join us in a midnight meditation and connect whole heartedly with Swami and his Samadhi in Penukonda, India (LINK). This gives us also the opportunity to express our gratitude for his presence in our lives. 

We are looking forward to a powerful meditation with you.

Heartfelt greetings,
Tatyana, Tobias and Team

Mahasamadhi Meditation
Saturday, March 15th - Midnight to 2 am

On Saturday, the anniversary of Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi, we invite you to join us in a midnight meditation so that we can pull the energy of the Guru Parampara as a group. You can find the meditation guidelines in the Newsblog (LINK)

I am the Nature.
I am the heartbeat of creation.

To prepare yourself for Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi Day we invite you to read some of his words.

This will connect you directly with his energy, and with the pure consciousness that he is now merged with. The starting point of our last discussion were words of Sri Kaleshwar, which we woul like to share with you. (LINK

Full moon Firepujas in your Area!

You are heartfully invited to join one of the full moon firepujas! (LINK)


Mahasamadhi Live Streaming
from Penukonda, India
on March 15th, 2014 
  • 5.30 am to 7.30 am (MET): Fire Puja in front of the Dwarkamai
  • 11.30 am bis 1.30 pm (MET): Abishek to the Amruta Lingam followed by a lotus flower Abishek to Sri Kaleshwar’s Samadhi

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