Sri Kaleshwar Europa
„Shiva is the Big Boss of the Five Elements – Na Ma Shi Va Ya. If we get just one percent of Shiva’s energy it’s enough to lead our life happily and it helps unbelievably to grow our heart bigger and bigger. The Shiva energy is working through the Guru Parampara – the lineage of masters - and the earth element to balance and grow our soul capacity. Shirdi Baba is 95% Shiva. Once he's with you, everything is there. You can do amazing miracles through the divine souls.“ - Sri Kaleshwar

The Masters Class: The Master is within you.

On any spiritual path, the final and ultimate climax is connecting Shiva.

A powerful 5 week program of meditation, knowledge and experience over Shivaratri including Sri Kaleshwar’s Mahasamadhi (long distance course).        

This program includes a 21-Day meditation process. We will connect our soul to Shiva’s Energy 
with a special, powerful personal Mantra of Shirdi Baba.
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