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"I’ll be with you no matter what. I’ll be with you no matter what. I will be with you no matter what! In any circumstances, any painful time, hard time, happy moments, any moment, the Guru Parampara is with you. I am the nature, no separation. I know exactly how you feel. I am the Mother. I am the heartbeat of creation. I command on the nature – No – I am the nature, the trees, the wind, the sun – everything. Wherever you are, I am there. Wherever you go, I will be there. Trust me. I am your shadow. I know to take care and protect. I will protect you forever and ever." - Sri Kaleshwar
Sadguru Priya

The creation of the bhajan “Sadguru Priya” is a beautiful example of how a heart desire, perfect timing and divine guidance can lead to a delightful outcome. In the beginning there was a desire to put some of the deep feeling of gratitude in to words - which is usually not that easy. What better way to do so than with a song? There its not only words but also sound and rhythm - with that its already much easier.

Still it depends on every open heart to determine the depth and heartfulness when singing this bhajan.

In the first part of the bhajan we can choose the relationship we have to Swami Kaleshwar in our lives. Is he a special beloved teacher for us or like a mother, father or good friend? Or is he all in one? We can call him and connect with him, dearly, tenderly, powerfully and shining - whatever is relevant for us right now.

As we continue sining, we have the opportunity to measure what he has given us, how much he really worked for his students and those seeking help. He taught us to strive for nothing less than truth, to live our dharma, to find peace and to choose unconditional love. He taught us as much as he could- as much as each of us were able to allow. He is still teaching us, though he has left his body. Many of us can feel his presence very clearly.

The last line enables us to totally surrender, in joyous gratitude, in the knowledge that there is a much higher consciousness than our daily life mind set. Namo Namaha - first you then me. I bow in gratitude and humility, deeply knowing that I will be taken care of!

Om Bolo Sai Nath Sri Swami Kaleshwar Maharajiki – Jay!       

Sabeenamayi from Shiva Sai Mandir Music

Sadguru Priya - Pranam to Sri Kaleshwar

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