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"Once he (Guru Parampara) is with you, everything is there. Shiva is there, Vishnu is there, Brahma is there, siddhis is there, healing abilities is there, and all capacities is there, and all chakras will get activated. To receiving Guru Parampara in you all the time, keeping the Guru Parampara in your cage... Done. It covers everything." - Sri Kaleshwar 
- The Divine in me sees the Divine in You.

Online Course :: 11th July to 31st July 2015
21-day Sadhana (spiritual practice) 
& contributions from senior students of Sri Kaleshwar

“If you got the really good hook with the Guru Parampara, you have no idea, that is that great love and attachment. You have the great attachment with the Guru Parampara, that is the bliss. You deserve and you require that, and you need to develop that.- Sri Kaleshwar 

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Jay Guru!
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