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Pilgrimage & Sadhana Journey to India
Shirdi – Tirupati – Kalahasti – Penukonda (– Hampi)

This winter we will be visiting auspicious power spots in India, where we will do spiritual sadhanas under the guidance of Tatyanna, senior student of Sri Kaleshwar and senior teacher of the ancient knowledge. Tatyanna has traveled to these spots numerous times during her 12 years living with Sri Kaleshwar at his Ashram in Penukonda, India. Under her guidance, we will experience the high vibration of these places and use them for our individual spiritual process, uplifting our souls capacities. You will also have the opportunity to join regular Yoga and Bhajan Sessions. We will have a wonderful time together. 


  • 2 Weeks Pilgrimage
    Shirdi – Tirupati – Kalahasti – Penukonda   
    Nov 24th - Dec 8th, 2017 
  • 1 Week Relaxation & Silence Sadhana in Hampi 
    Dec 9th - Dec 16th, 2017
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"For anyone who has visited India not only with his eyes, 
but also with soul, to him it will remain a land of yearning."

Hermann Hesse

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