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"A master is the one who is waking up the knowledge in you, telling the truthful knowledge and making a light in your darkness. He’s the real master, a sadguru, He’s your great well-wisher."
- Sri Kaleshwar 

Happy Guru Purnima!

We are looking forward to joining on the 31st July together for Guru Purnima - wherever we are - in the name of our master, to meditate and to celebrate. By doing this, we dive deep into the divine energy channels of our master lineage and ask Swami to fullfil our deepest soul desires. We are looking forward to pull his love and presence into our circle and to experience this bliss.

Guru Purnima - the fullmoon of the Guru - is the energetic highlight of the year when we consciously turn our hearts towards our master and to the divine lineage. Sri Kaleshwar as our friend and master is our loving soul guide, who helps us through the knowledge and mantra processes that he revealed to strenghten our soul so the silence, the pure consciousness can flow through us and we may be able to recognize our true self. His biggest wish for us as his students is our own mastery.


Guru Purnima Meditation

To support our “gathering” in Swami's name throughout the world and to create a powerful collective consciousness field, we send out a meditation suggestion to all local groups and individuals. May our hearts keep growing and strenghten so the love can flow powerfully through us into the world.

Meditation Guidelines | HERE

The Way of Love - Audio Sharing

For Guru Purnima we are sharing with you a contribution from the recent Kaleshwar Mantra Meditation “Namaskaram” - an excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most significant works of the Indian mythology. The Bhagavad Gita or “Song of God” is a very poetic report of the charioteer Sanjaya to King Dhritarāshtra about the conversation of Krishna und Arjuna before the battle of Kurukshetra...

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Pearl Mala Power Object

During Guru Purnima time there is the opportunity to receive one of a limited amount of Pearl Mala Power Objects. These Malas will be charged with the highest vibrations during a Powerspot Journey in India - in Shirdi on Baba’s Samadhi and Gurusthan, in Penukonda at the feet of Divine Mother and on Sri Kaleshwar’s Samadhi. They will also be energized through baths in holy waters at the Yaganti Caves and in Varanasi...

Information & Registration | HERE

"Know the truth, have it, make your life success.
Learn the information as much as you can.
Suck the power.God is the supreme judge."

- Sri Kaleshwar


We wish you all a happy and most blessed Guru Purnima!

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