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Sri Kaleshwar

Mahasamadhi Celebrations at Amma Center, Germany
March 18th/19th, 2017 

Our celebrations in Germany honouring Sri Kaleshwar were a delightful experience for all of us! It's inspiring to perceive how powerfully Sri Kaleshwar's consciousness is operating and how it is able to touch hearts, lift souls and transform lives.

We carry in our hearts gratitude for this beautiful gathering.
You'll find some photo impressions

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Sabeenamayi writes:

It was wonderful to see many old friends this weekend, some of them after a very long time, and also to meet new friends and to feel how Swami's energy is constantly touching more and more hearts.

It was also such a beautiful coincidence that our search for a suitable venue put us in the lap of Ammachi's (Mata Amritanandamayi) seminar center in Germany, at Hof Herrenberg. The attentive and nourishing heart vibrations at this place were very beneficial and inspiring. Once again our sincere thanks to everybody for their loving reception and care! Jai Ma!

Also Tatyanna's spontaneous short trip to India at Swami’s Mahasamadhi day on the 15th of March was such a wonderful blessing for our gathering. We were very touched to hear some stories from Swami Kaleshwar’s mother about her son and received lotus leaves and rose water from Swamiji’s Samadhi! What a gift for all of us who could not be there this year!

Until midnight we sang bhajans. Everyone was invited to lead a song and as a thank-you, Falk presented a brand new love song for Swami.

Enjoy the energy of the bhajans.


Supporting the Dharma in Europe

Many areas of Kaleshwar's dharma in Europe depend on Seva (selfless service) and financial support to thrive. One example are sensitive translations of Swami's original words in all European languages and the careful preparation of dignified study materials that honour the sacredness and purity of his teachings. It takes huge time, energy and active commitment.

If it's in your heart to support this work to make sure Swami's knowledge and channels will be available to many people in the future, you can make a donation [HERE].

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