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Dear Friends, 

Guru Purnima is the festival when we turn our hearts towards our master - the entire lineage of masters. Sri Kaleshwar’s duty and his biggest wish always is to open our hearts and to help us to make our soul strong so that the silence, pure consciousness can flow through us and we can realize our true self. Sri Kaleshwar’s biggest wish is that we as his students grow into this kind of mastery.

What we can do on our individual path and also together is to become still inside and to gift him on this Guru Purnima Full Moon with our attention, to come together and to meditate together. 

So that we can also gather beyond the boundaries in Swami’s name, and to create a powerful consciousness field together, we send out a meditation suggestion today to all local groups and individuals. May our hearts continue to grow and become strong so love can flow more and more powerfully through us. 

[Guru Purnima Meditation 2014 - Information & Guidelines]

We wish all of us a heart open Guru Purnima!

Heartful greetings,     
Tatyana, Tobias & Team

Guru Purnima Fire Pujas 2014

Students who are not participating in the Guru Purnima Program in India or Germany gather locally in honor of this occasion. A list of events you can find [HERE].

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