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I am the Rhythm of Your Heart 
by Sri Kaleshwar

Why fear when I am here?
Each rhythm of the heart - that's me.
Each breath in, each breath out - that's me.

I know you very well,
I know your problems,
I know your happiness,
I know your need,
I will give you whenever it's the right time.

Only you have to do one thing:
Try to be honest to yourself.
That's only what I like in you.
Just make sure your Swami will know.
You can't hide with him, you can't hide with me.

I am your friend,
I am your master,
I am your father,
I am your wellwisher.
I am your soul caretaker forever and ever.
That's my job.

Our relationship is immortal.
Even if you run away from me you
can't forget my name.
I am always taking care of you.

On March 15th, 2012 Sri Kaleshwar left his body and took Mahasamadhi - a pure consciousness stage. This year according to the Indian lunar calendar his Mahasamadhi day will be celebrated on Friday, March 13th. We heartfully invite you to use the three high energy days from Friday to Sunday, March 15th to connect with Swami’s soul consciousness (More information HERE).

Free from the limitations of his physical body he is even more powerfully able to support our spiritual process and to bless everyone who turns towards him with an open heart - this was his promise.

As a special gift we share with you an eBook “Doorways to Pure Consciousness - Mission of the Saints” - a compilation of inspiring statements of saints in our master lineage that was created during the Christmas Program 2014. The words of the saints carry the highest consciousness and are pure nectar for the soul - enjoy the read.

Mahasamadhi Sadhana 
& Connecting with our Gurusthan
in Penukonda 

Use the Mahasamadhi time to deepen your connection to the master, to the Guruparampara.

In the Newsblog you will find various ideas for your personal sadhana. [LINK]

Doorways to Pure Consciousness 
- Mission of the Saints (eBook)

The words of an enlightened master carry clarity and energy, which can work in us on different levels, if we take them deeper into our hearts. They speak directly to the soul and enliven the memories of the highest reality within ourselves. The reader is invited to feel the energy and truth in these words, to contemplate them, move them in their hearts and be one with the world in a new way, with a new consciousness.

[eBook PDF Download - High Resolution (66 MB)]

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Dedicated to Sri Kaleshwar - in deep gratitute for his life.

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