Sri Kaleshwar Europa

"The master and student relationship is beyond any relationship on this planet. That bond, that relationship, is immortal. Nobody can separate it. It’s forever and ever for many lifetimes. A master and the student, is like flower and fragrance, but you have to decide who is the flower and who is the fragrance. When you figure out that where is the fragrance coming from, done." Sri Kaleshwar

With words of Sri Kaleshwar recorded 2008 in Penukonda and stories by some of his senior students we want to say

Happy Birthday, Swamiji! 

Thank you from our hearts for all you have given to us:
Your love, the highest spiritual knowledge,
transforming processes,
opening of our hearts
and a community of wonderful people.

HERE you can watch and listen to the sharings.

Enjoy the communion and connection with our beloved master Sri Kaleshwar. 


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