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NEW MASTERS CLASS! :: From June 15th - July 13th, 2014 
A Meditation, Knowledge and Experience Program, and 21 Day Meditation
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Dear Friends,

We invite you to take a moment and cross your hands over your heart.
 We can feel the beat of our physical heart under our hands. It’s pulsing continuously in our chest and carries us through our human life. It beats and pulses in its own rhythm and connects us simultaneously with the cosmos. Our physical heart reminds us in every moment on this connectedness and on the timeless pulse of creation, renewing itself in every moment and sharing stories of becoming and passing. 

Our spiritual heart strives for truth and guides us to God, pure Consciousness and the Source of creation. It is connected with our soul and contains the spark of highest inspiration. This spark inspires us to rise above ourselves towards the revelation of why we are here on earth. 

We invite you heartfully to join the Masters Class “The Spiritual Heart: Dive into Your True Self”
(Information & Registration). We would like to utilize the time leading up to Guru Purnima in a powerful way. Through a 21-Day Sadhana we will strengthen the connection to our Hrudaya Chakra. Supported by knowledge sessions from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar, we will explore the dimensions of our spiritual heart and come closer to the reality of our being. This course is also pointing towards the deeper meaning of Guru Purnima - Full Moon of the Guru. It is the most powerful moon in the name of the Guru, the master - the one who is removing the darkness and guides the spiritual student on his path towards his true Self.

During the course we will explore the following subjects on a deeper level:
  • Purifying the Vibrations of your Spiritual Heart
  • Hrudaya Chakra - Opening your Inner Heart to Know Who You Are  
  • Aligning your Heart with your Soul, Going Beyond the Mind
  • The Master as the Mirror of your Divine Essence
  • Melting of Two Souls - Merging with the Master as One 
More Information about the Masters Class “The Spiritual Heart: Dive into Your True Self” and Registration can be found (HERE)

Happy to connect with you soon!

Heartfelt greetings, 
Tatyana & Tobias with the Europe Team 

"Everything is an open heart.  
That open heart starts bringing incredible divine energy in you.  
After it comes in you, it’s your duty to develop it.
If you’re strong enough on the hrudaya chakra, that’s done.
You are oneness with God. Just you and God are equal.
You’re in God’s heart; God is in your heart.
You are with Him, He is with you.
That’s called enlightenment."

- Sri Kaleshwar

  • Guru Purnima (July 11th - 13th, 2014) in Germany: More Information and Registration coming soon
  • Power Journey to India during Navaratri (September/October): Visit the high energy spots Shirdi, Penukonda, Tirupati, Kalahasti. More Information and Registration coming soon.
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