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"All the masters, the consciousnesses around in the planet, even though you believe Jesus, you believe Shirdi Baba, you believe Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, you believe any person, consciousness is same. Everywhere is the Brahma consciousness, creativity nature. Yes, you can create. Yes, you can create it. Yes, you can create it. Whole universe energy is within you. Everything is within you." - Sri Kaleshwar
Dear Friends,

This year is almost over is over and we heartfully invite you to meditate with us during Advent and participate in the 21-day KALESHWAR MANTRA MEDITATION!

Let us experience a deep, contemplative Advent in pure consciousness. You can look forward to receiving a small daily inspiration. Anyone is welcome to support our work by making a donation.

Heartfelt greetings, 
Tatyana, Tobias & Team

PS: We are happy for you to share this invitation with family & friends! 

Doorways to Pure Consciousness
- Mission of the Saints

Kaleshwar Mantra Meditation during Advent 2014

Enlightened masters and saints like Jesus Christ, Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sri Kaleshwar had no desire other than pointing towards the One pure consciousness; because pure consciousness is the creative nature, unconditional love, the nectar, Satya (truth), bliss, silence… 

The time of Advent, for many people, is a very contemplative time to look within and into the warming light of a candle - to become silent and get close to Jesus. With this meditation, we invite you to look at Jesus and other saints with fresh eyes - to see them as divine souls who embody and send out pure consciousness in the highest possible sense - as human beings who once - like you and I - started their journey towards pure consciousness. 

Sri Kaleshwar says: "My dear divine souls, Jesus is a divine soul, a star…like you. He did his sadhana; he got success. So, the point is, whatever processes he did, the ancient information in the manuscripts, we are doing it and we’re accessing it."

During Christmas, Jesus’ light-filled presence invites us to meditate together for 21 days with a collective intention - to open up each day a little advent door in our hearts, and to send love into the world.

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