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"Once if you involve in this channel, even if you’re on a fish market... 
If you sit anywhere with your mala. You go in the trance.
That much nectar will start to flow in you.
Just you will go in the trance, beautiful meditation.
That is called satchitananda."

Sri Kaleshwar

A Direct Channel to the Divine Father
Create a Mountain of Inner Silence, Peace and Bliss in Your Life

1 Day Intensive Program & Process Initiation 
Saturday, June 18th, 2016 - 9.30 a.m. - 9.30 p.m.  
With Tatyanna in Richmond, London

Join Tatyanna as she shares powerful information from the ancient knowledge as taught by Sri Kaleshwar to experience the deeper levels of the teachings and channels to connect and communicate with the Divine Father.

Within a small group setting you will be initiated into a powerful meditation process and learn how to develop your own personal channel to the Divine Father to experience and communicate with Him directly.

This program is a direct follow up to previous programs in the UK including Datta Kriya ProcessShiva PrakshalanaGuru Neytra and How to balance the 3 Gunas.

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The goal of this process is to
  • Protect your soul strongly against any type of illusions flowing in your life
  • Develop a mountain of inner silence and peace within yourself
  • Experience the deeper levels of divine bliss in your meditations, sleep and your normal daily life
  • Develop the power of unconditional love
  • Awaken and strengthen healing abilities
  • Become deeply connected to who you truly are

What we will do together

Learn how to develop your own personal channel to the Divine Father to experience and communitcate with Him directly and experience powerful group meditation processes & healing energy transmissions!

  • Receive knowledge from ancient palm leaf manuscripts as given by Sri Kaleshwar
  • Participate in a sacred Fire Ceremony and receive a healing energy transmission
  • Receive a powerful initiation in an advanced Meditation Process to connect to the Divine Father using the Sai Shakti Lingam Power Object

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"Forever - for the rest of centuries:
Don’t underestimate that Shiva Lingam what miracles it will do.
It’s the highest powerful power object what I blessed to the United Kingdom.
You’ve seen in India quiet amazing Shiva temples.
Its same like what I am giving right now there."

Sri Kaleshwar

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