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Statements of the Guru

"Knowledge is an ocean. Even a small molecule of the knowledge,
especially the Eastern knowledge, is power.
It’s a diamond.

I am giving formulas of the supernatural energies.
They are the shortcut to get divine grace in a short time.
I want to spread this knowledge.
Then everybody can smell the fragrance of God."

Sri Kaleshwar

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Ancient Knowledge • Ancient Mission

This compilation of Sri Kaleshwar’s teachings was made for the benefit of all of his students, those, who studied with him and those who will come to join this ancient mission.

It is an edited compilation of several statements, that Sri Kaleshwar made over the years, condensed topically, so that his students may understand more clearly his thoughts and intentions. Herein, Swami shares the meaning of the ancient mission. He describes, how to properly learn and teach the ancient knowledge. He defines, how to live in the world as a healer, teacher, and ultimately, master.

This work is offered to Sri Kaleshwar's successors, his students, that they may come to deeply understand, and properly convey the ancient knowledge, as was his mission, throughout the world.

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Talks of Sri Kaleshwar

For everyone who met Sri Kaleshwar during his life the memories of encounters with him will forever remain as the biggest treasures in their hearts. Everything he did he did for others. We are happy to share some original videos with Sri Kaleshwar - most of them were taken during his visits in Europe. Gratitude to Gerlinde Zinkeisen - without her seva these videos would not exist.

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Protecting and sharing this divine knowledge in the way Sri Kaleshwar wanted it, requires pure divine dedication, collaboration, much hard work, and financial support. It is a collective effort and everyone's blessing and support is needed. Please consider donating to this cause. Your donation will be highly appreciated and be used to protect, share and translate Swami's teachings in a dignified way as wished by him. Thank you!



"You have to go with a pure heart to learn the spiritual knowledge.
It’s the immortal liquid. You have to drink the immortal liquid of the knowledge.
Forever and ever it’s the real happiness, the real high spiritual vibrations."

Sri Kaleshwar

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