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"A master is the one who is waking up the knowledge in you,
telling the truthful knowledge and making a light in your darkness."

Sri Kaleshwar 

Namaskaram - The Divine in me sees the Divine in You.

Online Course :: 11th July to 31st July 2015
21-day Sadhana (spiritual practice) 
& contributions from senior students of Sri Kaleshwar

The Master is seeing our essence, our true self, our light. He is looking at us, in our heart. In the moment we recognize ourself in him, because he really is seeing us, we feel the liberating and healthful effect of his loving gaze.

The heart of a true master is unconditional love, it gives this kind of timeless silence. His soul energy radiates the whole creation. He is able to be at any place at any time - whereever you are. The connection to the master opens the room of the pure consciousness in us and lets us recognize who we truly are. [Read more here...

Jay Guru!

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We are looking forward to the course and meditating with you!

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