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"On this day only, Shiva wakes up from his meditation and wants to merge with whomever really opens their hearts to him. He wants to merge with his students to lift them and connect to them more powerfully. Once he wakes up then we tell our prayers, our wishes. This is the time you really can hit it to receive what you want it.- Sri Kaleshwar

On Maha Shivaratri, Shiva wakes up from His Meditation. Shiva -- the cosmic dancer and destroyer of all negativity. Shiva -- Bhola Shankara, who fulfills our highest desires. Shiva -- who embodies silence and pure consciousness. On Him we meditate during this auspicious night and open our hearts for what He wants to give to us! 

Shivaratri Group Meditation

Everyone is heartfully invited to meditate together during the night of Tuesday, February 17th.

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