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This is the second of several newsletters that will bring you news, information and stories from the Marine Planning Partnership for the North Pacific Coast. In this newsletter you will learn how to provide comments to the Haida Gwaii draft Marine Plan, which was released for public review on April 2. Draft plans for the other three MaPP sub-regions, North Vancouver Island, North Coast and Central Coast, will be available for public review in the coming weeks. Learn more about MaPP.



Haida Gwaii

A wealth of traditional knowledge on Haida Gwaii

A robust source of information on the North Pacific coast – where First Nations communities have lived for thousands of years – is traditional knowledge, an understanding of marine habitats, life and patterns dates back generations.
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The Haida Marine Traditional Knowledge Study documents Haida culture, traditions and knowledge about the ocean. 56 Haida shared their knowledge, with oral accounts dating back to the 1920s. More than 4000 locations and 150 marine species were recorded.
North Coast

Hatching a new industry on the North Coast

With a shellfish hatchery in Prince Rupert and a shellfish farm in Metlakatla traditional territory, Coastal Shellfish Corporation hatches, grows and harvests scallops with minimal environmental impact.
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Spat is the youngest stage of shellfish life, after larvae. Scallop spats measure about .4 to .6 millimetres.
Central Coast

Where the forest meets the sea – harvesting logs, protecting habitat

How do First Nations, the forest industry and the provincial government work together to manage logging in the Central Coast? And how do they protect the environment while they’re doing it?
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The combined width of forest reserve areas on either side of  “high value fish habitat” streams and rivers is roughly the length of a football field. High value fish habitat also includes productive shellfish areas and estuaries.
North Vancouver Island

Clams thrive in ancient stone gardens

Ancient and mysterious treasures can be found on the B.C. coast . They are the luxiwey – clam gardens created by First Nations people thousands of years ago and revealed to Westerners only in the last 15 years.
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There are about 470 ancient clam gardens, or luxiwey, in the Broughton Archipelago.

Understanding interdependence to inform marine planning

“You can’t look at things in a single box,” says Andrew Day, a natural resource expert who has been contracted by the MaPP initiative to develop an integrated suite of human well-being and ecological indicators.
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Indicators are used to monitor and assess the status or trend of a system. The information can assist decision makers with detecting changes and provide a basis for adjusting decisions or actions.


Haida Gwaii draft Marine Plan public review begins

The Haida Gwaii draft Marine Plan is now available for public review and comment. Draft plans for the other three MaPP sub-regions will be available for public review in the coming weeks. Comments to the proposed Haida Gwaii plan are welcome from members of the public and the Haida Nation from April 2 – May 7, 2014.
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New MaPP video released

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Discover the “Ten things you need to know about MaPP” in our new video.
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MaPP is a collaborative marine planning partnership between 18 member First Nations and the Province of British Columbia.
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