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Under Construction: Hamilton College Theatre and Studio Arts Building

The Theatre and Studio Arts building, under construction, and the Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum, completed in 2012, are two new projects at Hamilton College designed by Machado and Silvetti Associates. In 2010 we completed a limited Master Plan for Hamilton College that included these two buildings as part of an Arts Quad surrounding a reconstructed pond. The Quad provides a strong physical center for the arts culture at Hamilton College while enhancing connections between two previously separated sides of campus.

The Theatre and Studio Arts building will bring together theatre performance and teaching space with a wide range of studio arts program areas that are currently distributed across the College. Within the building, the studio arts program spaces are organized into neighborhoods and arrayed along an arcing glass wall that offers expansive views across the Arts Quad. Painting, drawing and printmaking studio spaces are located on the second floor where they have ample access to natural daylight. Sculpture studios and supporting workshops are located on the lower level to accommodate large tools and facilitate the movement of heavy materials.  Multimedia and digital production, editing studios and photographic darkrooms are located deep in the building, away from the light, dust and noise of the production workshops.

The Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum celebrates the College's unique collection and teaching pedagogy. The Director envisioned a hands-on "cabinet of curiosities" that would challenge students from a range of disciplines to search for new meaning through the juxtaposition of disparate objects.  We designed a museum that brings visitors directly from campus paths and outdoor sculpture areas through a monumental two-story glass archive hall that showcases the College's unique collections.  To see the completed Wellin Museum please visit our website. LINK
Chazen Museum of Art

Awards: Architect Top 50 in Design

Our office has been ranked among the top 10 firms for design in the U.S. in the Architect Magazine annual rankings. We continue to focus our energy on design excellence at a variety of scales for a variety of clients and we are very proud to be recognized for buildings that are unique for their innovative designs at the service of project specific challenges.  For the past 28 years we have been committed to design innovation, in particular new methods of design production and construction, as a means to create better architecture. Design must stem from the uniqueness of the problems at hand and we have been fortunate to have worked with many great clients who have had many terrific problems.

Image: Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, Wisconsin
Jeffry Burchard, Architect


Upcoming Events: Lectures and Tours

Jorge Silvetti:
09.23.2013 - Public Discussion at Di Tella School of Architecture in Buenos Aires, with Dean Ciro Najile
09.27.2013 - Lecture at the 13th Buenos Aires International Biennial of Architecture

Rodolfo Machado:
10.11.2013 - Seminar "Monolithicity in Architecture" at Yale University
10.22.2013 - Lecture at Syracuse University
11.01.2013 - Lecture at University of Wisconsin

Edwin Goodell, Senior Associate:
10.02.2013 - Tour of the Black Family Visual Arts Center at Dartmouth College LINK

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