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Caring for our pets as they age


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Welcome to the very first edition of the Kahala Pet Hospital Newsletter!  We'll use this forum to send you periodic messages about your pet's health and well-being, as well as services you may not be aware of.  Be assured that your name and contact information will not be shared with others, and that we will not abuse the access to your email inbox. 

Aging is something that we eventually all face.

photo of aging man and dog companionOur pets are no different, but they are not able to rationalize the changes that are happening to them.   They may adapt to a problem, but that may lead to other problems. If only they could tell us in words that something is wrong!  Although old age is not a disease, inevitably, problems that might have taken many months or years to manifest, begin to develop more quickly, and with more frequency, as time marches on.  Many of the problems that take our pets from us are very often preventable - or can at least be held in check.  To read more about health issues related to aging, click here.

Traditionally, veterinary practices have accepted as gospel that annual and semi-annual visits for pets is sufficient.  We have taken a second look at this approach and feel that if we evaluate and monitor your senior pets more regularly, we can find problems earlier, and get in front of them.  For instance:

  • Pets more than 20% overweight, for 5 years or more, live an average of 2 years less than normal weight pets.  
  • Overweight pets are often fraught with serious quality of life issues, such as heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease and cancer 

It is our strategy that pet owners with pets over 10 years of age should have them checked every 4 months.  We will perform a full physical examination and discuss behavior and habits with you.  For instance, many pets over 12 years of age live with different degrees of pain.  Their behavior may just seem to you as the normal slow-down of old age, but to us that may say your pet is asking for help. Sometimes body language can be very meaningful!

We are excited to introduce our new
Senior Pet Wellness Program!  

Senior Pet Wellness Management Program Image
The Senior Pet Wellness Management Program
is not focused on vaccination and heartworm tests, etc. but out of a genuine concern about your senior pet's welfare. 

We understand you may not currently have a senior pet, but perhaps you have family members or neighbors that would be interested in this unique program.  Very soon all of our senior "10+" patients will receive a notice telling you how to enroll.  You may also click here for more information.

Please feel free to send us your comment and suggestions.  We genuinely and sincerely want to partner with you to strive for senior quality of life, and comfortable, enjoyable longevity for our 4 legged ohana. 

Over the years, Kahala Pet Hospital has developed a state wide reputation for comprehensive and unique procedures and solutions.  We are proud to have provided services and consultations to clients on the neighbor islands, as well as Oahu.  We regularly receive referrals from other Doctors and pet owners seeking our help with a second opinion.  Our in-depth, thoroughness, commitment and compassion with medical cases, especially cancer patients, is widely accepted.  We thank you for your support and loyalty to our offices.
Mahalo, Dr. Patrick Leadbeater
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