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"To establish a united Biblical-theological standard..."

Why the International Church Council?

“To establish for the 21st century a
United, Biblical-theological standard of doctrine

For the Global Body of Christ,
Which standard is consistent with
The mainstream theology of the first 20 centuries.”
ICCP Was Established Because...
Peter warned “But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.” 2 Peter 2:1 (NKJV)
The ICCP was created because “destructive heresies” are not peculiar to the first century; sadly we must deal with them in the Church today. Over a period of 36 years, the 24 documents have been written, one by one, as the ICCP theologians saw the need. At first there was no intention of holding a church council. The documents at first were simply made available as widely as possible. But as the years went by, it became apparent that these false teachings were being widely absorbed by the Evangelical church. Long before I came to serve with ICCP, the Coalition on Revival (parent organization) theologians saw there was a need greater than simply publishing papers. There was a need to call the Church together from every denomination to deal with these false teachings on a church council level, even as in the past the Church dealt with such teachings as the Arian heresy that taught that Jesus is not the Second Person of the Trinity eternally existent and co-equal with the Father. Arias taught that Jesus was a created angel. The issue was settled at the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) where Arias was declared a heretic and his teaching as false, heretical, and destructive (The promoters of Arianism today are the Jehovah’s Witnesses.). At the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD) the Church came together to deal with the nature of Christ. Some said Christ was a special man; others said Christ was not man at all but only appeared as a man to the eyes of those who saw him. The Council of Chalcedon brought forth the Bible’s full teaching on Jesus Christ which shows that Jesus is both God and man – 100% God while at the same time 100% man; God incarnate, God in human flesh. The Church came together in these councils, searched the Scriptures and called on God for corporate wisdom. God gave wisdom. As a result you and I and the modern church have inherited the good Biblical teaching that Jesus is not an angel, but the Second Person of the Trinity, and that Jesus is both God and Man; 100% God while also 100% man. There were also other church councils.
The ICCP has the audacious purpose to once again call the Church together for a global council to deal with heretical, destructive teachings that have infiltrated the Church. The ICCP theologians and Christian leaders have set forth 24 topics they say need to be dealt with (for a list of steering and advisory committee men go to and select menu item “About”). We call this purpose audacious, not because it is unneeded or unimportant, but because we are so little and insignificant that everything calls out loudly to us, “Who do you think you are?! What are you up to? Why don’t you mind your own business?” Well, we agree that we are little and insignificant. On the other hand, like David of old, we believe we are doing God’s business and since it His business we have great boldness to move forward with the strength God gives. At the 2017 global council, by God’s grace and with his help, we will be finalizing the documents and will affirm them as trustworthy representations of what the Bible says concerning these 24 topics. This we will do as a global council, thus drawing a line in the sand so to speak that demonstrates the true Christian and Biblical position on these topics. In this way we hope to achieve our mission which is: “To establish for the 21st century a united, Biblical-theological standard of doctrine for the global Body of Christ, which standard is consistent with the mainstream theology of the first 20 centuries.”
Updated Website Established

In the past six months we have a new, updated website ( This has required considerable time on my part as well as work from a professional web designer. The site now has ability to host video, a blog, a forum for theological interaction of the committees, and a new donations page. It also hosts all the ICCP documents and introductions to the documents (for the documents choose “Documents” on the website menu.
We are reaching more people than ever!
A new blog (here) to which I regularly post is accessed on the website by choosing “Blog” from the menu. When I post to the blog, the post is automatically also posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites. These social media posts have a link back to the ministry website where they can learn more about ICCP.
Dr. Jay Grimstead and Dr. Eugene Clingman Co-Author Book
Dr. Jay and I have co-authored a book. We are not completely settled on the title, but will probably be REBUILDING CIVILIZATION ON THE BIBLE: Documents on the Church’s 24 Controversial Issues. In the book we reveal the history and reasons for creating each document and why each document is a powerful antidote to each of 24 maladies in the Body of Christ. This book should be off the press by the end of January 2014.
2017 Global Church Council
By the grace and help of God, we are calling the worldwide Body of Christ to the 2017 International Church Council, a global council to be held in Wittenberg, Germany in order “To establish for the 21st century a united, Biblical-theological standard of doctrine for the global Body of Christ, which standard is consistent with the mainstream theology of the first 20 centuries.” Between now and then we are asking representatives from 80 targeted countries to review the 24 ICCP documents and approve them as they are (whatever ones they can approve) or help make them more Biblical, logical and concise.
Radical Environmentalism
In this mailing we have sent you a link to the newest document (Topic 24), a joint effort of Cornwall Alliance and ICCP. The title is The Biblical Perspective of Environmental Stewardship: Subduing the Ruling the Earth to the Glory of God and the Benefit of Our Neighbors. Read it on the ICCP website here. Download a printable brochure here. A careful read of this document will reveal to you what the radical environmentalists are up to, how they think, and will make plain that the environmentalists are more religious than scientific. This document and all the documents are available on the website. The Church needs this document because many within her are being deceived.
Big Vision Little Organization
ICCP is a small organization with large vision. We have impressive steering and advisory committees (see on website menu item “About”). We have two people in the United States serving the project actively. Those two people are Dr. Grimstead the Founder/Director, and Eugene Clingman; that’s me. At this time the project needs my full-time service, but I do not have sufficient funding to serve full-time (I work part-time for the publisher of the book mentioned above Nordskog Publishing). Your support will go fully and directly to the salary/support of the Executive Administrator (Eugene Clingman). We must raise an additional $1,900 per month. Your gift of financial support will help advance this effort, and benefit Christ’s Church with greater spiritual health, clarity of teaching and safety for her sheep. Your gift will help overturn false views and assumptions with which a considerable portion of the Church is infected. And as an added benefit your gift will help my wife and I raise our 7 homeschooled children who still live at home (ages 2 to 18).
You are able to very simply set up a gift on our secure site here. Or if you prefer, you can print a form and put in the postal mail.
For any gift of $100 or more, or for a recurring gift set up for any amount, we will send you a copy of our new book when it comes off the press in late January.
Please give us a hand in this vital ministry. Thank you!



2017 Global Council

Representatives from around the globe are expected to gather in Wittenberg, Germany to "draw a line in the sand" with the 24 ICCP documents.


Book to be Released in January

Dr. Jay Grimstead and Dr. Eugene Clingman have coauthored a new book. This newsletter gives more details.
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