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Do I need the Flu vaccination?
Probiotics and Prebiotics
Creamy Ginger Dressing
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It has been a long time since DP Herbals has reached in a newsletter – it feels good to be back. Thanks to Rena from OakTech Virtual Assistant who will ensure they get sent out in time!

We are now in autumn with its seasonal variances. Take the sunshine when it shows up and ignore the sleet when it threatens to fall.  It would be my greatest wish that this winter all DP Herbals clients will stay fighting fit and virus free (a sniffle is fine!). It may be time to rebook a Hemaview to see how your immune system is doing. Call now to ensure a special discounted price for Hemaviews in May!


DP Herbals

Do I need the Flu vaccination? 

A question DP Herbals has been asked many times. Suffice to say immunisation information requires careful consideration by the individual so that their choices are made with confidence. However, everyone agrees that you are less likely to get sick if you look after yourself preventatively. You can also ward off viral/bacterial attacks by taking some well-placed supplements and herbs at the onset of sickness rather than waiting too long.

So what can be done to guard our health over this time of seasonal change?  How about a less commonly known immune booster – Probiotics! 

Probiotics and Prebiotics

The word probiotic actually means ‘for life’ adopted by Metchnikoff in 1908, stating that “ingested lactobacilli can displace toxin-producing bacteria” promoting health and prolonging life (Elmer, 2001).
The gastrointestinal tract is sterile at birth and normal gut flora develops gradually over time. Once established it surprisingly stays constant throughout life. Therefore, it is difficult to change the composition after this time making successful colonisation with probiotics more that often transient as the digestive tract has many defences that inhibit this process (Vanderhoof & Young, 2002)

Probiotic facts
  • The human digestive system contains over 400 different species of micro-organisms.
  • On average, an adult human carries approximately 1 to 2 kilograms of bacterial gut flora!
  • Everyone’s gut flora is as individual as a finger print – no two people are alike.
  • Some probiotics are transient and do not “colonise” the digestive tract.
  • 70% of our immunity also lives in digestive tract which is largely due to balanced digestive flora.
(If you are waiting a lifetime on a good bowel movement – maybe you need probiotics?)

Creamy Ginger Dressing    
(The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook)     

1/3 cup of sesame seeds            
½ cup of chopped celery           
3-4 Tbsp chopped fresh ginger   
½ cup extra virgin olive oil           
3 Tbsp brown rice vinegar         
3 Tbsp tamari                                 
2 Tbsp water                                 
1 Tbsp maple syrup                      
1/8 tsp ground white pepper    
Heat a small pot over medium low heat, add the sesame seeds and toast for around 3 minutes (don’t burn). Remove from the heat and transfer to a blender with the remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth. Keep in a glass jar in the fridge.