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Melatonin! The “Dracula” of hormones
“ABC easy as 123, simple as do re mi, ABC, 123….”
Build that bridge and get over it!
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Natural Medicine – Is It Safe?

Hi everyone,

What warm and wonderful days we have been having but that’s autumn. Rich in colour autumn has always been my favourite seasons. It’s a time when nature provides everything from pumpkins to pears from walnuts to late apples. I must be right because even Poets agree with me! However, it also appears that late Autumn/early Winter can bring on depressive episodes called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD in some susceptible people. This normally subsides in Spring or Summer, but 3-4 months is a long time to wait! What could be the cause of this disorder?

Colds, coughs and flus are starting up again with some of you already going viral! So it is time to stock up on things like zinc, vitamin C and herbs to combat a virus that has no right to be there! For those of you who know the value of having my “talented trio” tucked away in your cupboard over winter (AndroNK, Metazinc and C, and a bottle of yummy herbs) well done but don’t forget to tell others! Forget about Benadryl, it will only help short term anyway. Get superman strong and boost your immunity to do its job!

Lastly being connected is more important than you think. The world of relationships can and do have a powerful effect on health. A 75-year study brought to light by psychiatrist Robert Waldinger is fascinating!

As always, take care and if you need help in reconnecting with your health – contact us today ☺


Melatonin! The “Dracula” of hormones

Although these theories have not been fully proven yet (disclaimer-but-of-course-we-know-it-is-highly-probable), researchers are certain that the length of daylight is key in influencing our body's circadian rhythms. 

Melatonin is a natural hormone made by our pea sized pineal gland in the brain. It is responsible for helping us to get to sleep, but It does not come out in the light, it only comes out in the dark! 

But wait! It is believed that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) symptoms stem from daily body rhythms that have gone out-of-sync with the sun. 

Researchers have determined that a person's “sleep/wake rhythms” are synchronized if the interval between the time melatonin appears and half way into your sleep is around 6 hours. Seventy-one percent of SAD people had intervals shorter than 6 hours, indicating that their rhythms were delayed due to the later winter dawn. Some people take melatonin capsules to help improve the length of the sleep interval but actually you can also find it in foods.

So what are the foods that Dracula likes? Melatonin can be found hiding in:

  • Walnuts, hummus, tuna, rice, kale, chamomile tea, cherry juice, oats, oranges, banana, pineapple

…..why isn’t garlic on that list???.....

“ABC easy as 123, simple as do re mi, ABC, 123….”

I loved Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5 and that song “A,B,C”. Growing up I remember this song as being a fantastic one to dance and sing-a-long to but perhaps this song was also steeped in herbal wisdom? 

The study:  529 healthcare professionals from a Berlin hospital took 4 capsules of a dietary supplement containing vitamins A, Betacarotene, C as well as Vitamin E and folate every day for 6 months to see what effect it would have on common cold symptoms. It was discovered that those taking the juice plus significantly reduced the average duration of symptoms by almost 2 days (from 9.5 days to 7.6 days).

Deirdre says: Duh! There is a raft of nutrients namely vitamins and minerals that can prevent colds and reduce the severity. They can inhibit viral replication and increase the efficacy of your white blood cells to work against the virus. Herbs can also be incredibly effective. This study was done to show that isolated vitamins from fruits and vegetables can have a fantastic effect on immunity. 

The results of the study showed that those taking the supplement had 20% fewer days of moderate to severe cold symptoms over the 6-month study period. That’s the same as around 4 days a year when you would not have to suffer symptoms of a cold! ABC easy as 1,2,3…..

Build that bridge and get over it!

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone BUT mistaken!

A 75-year-old study on “what makes a good life” followed male adults from their early 20’s through to their 80’s. It was discovered that all those who were most satisfied with their relationships were the healthiest at 80. Evidently loneliness is toxic and 1:5 people are lonely. However, good relationships keep us healthier and happier period. Those who were socially connected to friends and family to community are happier, physically healthier and live longer than those who aren’t. Quality matters too.  Those who continually live in high conflict, without affection are less happy and their health declines earlier in life. Brain function also declines; good relationships protect our brain. Those in retirement who chose to find playmates after work mates have better memories and stay sharper longer. 

In summary: We all want quick fixes but relationships are lifelong. They are messy, and hard work. However, the most successful and happy people in their old age leaned into relationships, and fixed the ones that were needing strengthening. 

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