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Stress less means more rest!
Allergy – zero tolerance!
Rudolf the red nosed reindeer was he over the limit?
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Hi <<First Name>>,

November is normally one of the most beautiful months of the year – the weather is usually warming up but recently with these cold fronts we have been having, you can be forgiven to think that nature didn’t get the memo! This year 2018 seems to be full of change and for many a most challenging year. However, I believe these things just make us stronger.

If you have a story you would like to share please do so (names of course can be confidential) and it will be shared on our next newsletter in January. Those who do so will receive a $50 gift voucher for being so brave!

On top of all this Christmas is just around the corner, relentlessly making its way into some of our bigger shops (how did November allow that to happen?) but one question - how will you get to the big day? Chatty and cheerful or sleepy and sneezy? If it is the last two dwarfs, then read on!

Lastly from our family to yours, please take the time to just pause and reflect over the holidays. Enjoy and be grateful for each other. Relax, laugh and connect.  Make sure you include nature, get outdoors, be happy and take care.

Talk soon
Deirdre x

Stress less means more rest!

The average adult juggles a multitude of commitments and the list continues to grow, leaving little time for relaxation. Your brain is the first organ that senses stress. It responds by sending messages to the adrenal glands which release cortisol to help you deal with the stress. When stress becomes chronic, the results can be:

  • Poor digestion – Bloating, reflux and pain.
  • Irregular blood sugars – Eating carb laden foods, quick fix meals and weight gain.
  • Hormonal imbalances – including skin break outs. (Not good for those social engagements or Facebook pics)
  • Increased weight gain especially around the middle.
  • Poor sleep – leads to increased weight and increased aging (again think of facebook!!)
  • Exhaustion, lack of motivation and brain “disengagement” or brain fog.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are several nutrients and herbs that can help calm an overactive stress response.  For example, magnesium, as well as B vitamins are essential for the nervous system to manufacture ‘neurotransmitters’ in our brain. They also help produce energy. A class of herbs known as ‘adaptogens’ will increase your body’s physical and mental capacity to cope such as withania, rehmannia and rhodiola while passionflower, zizyphus, and magnolia are examples of anxiolytic herbs reducing feelings of anxiety and promoting a more restful night’s sleep.

Specials from now until December 24th

  • Buy any magnesium supplement, B complex or Herbal antistress formula and receive 5% off.
  • Buy any 2 of the above trio then receive 10% off.
  • Buy all three of the above trio and receive 15% off the entire lot. Gift bags are available ☺

Allergy – zero tolerance!

Does your dog send you into a sneezing frenzy? Do certain foods leave you bloated and headachy? Or do pollens and certain grasses leave your skin desperately itchy? If you answered yes, then you join millions of people living with allergic conditions such as hay fever, asthma, food allergies and eczema. So why does your body react in such an unseemly manner? Essentially, it believes that these otherwise harmless substances (animal hair, foods and grasses) are threatening. Hence, when it comes into contact with these substances (known as allergens), your immune system releases large amounts of the chemical histamine. 

Histamines work but only for a time. What we want is really to address and rebalance is the immune system. Long term this is more effective and with the cost of medication these days it’s worth doing. 

Hemaview is really good at picking up allergies and drivers of histamine so for those of you who have not had one done for a while (why not?) then now is your chance. Here are two of my favourite products for allergies.

Zero tolerance – A bespoke little tincture put together by myself at DP herbals to get rid of the sneezes and wheezes, the itchies and scratchies, the bloating.

Allergeze – Wouldn’t leave home without this herbal formulation which works as an antihistamine and overtime decreases the need to reach for the pharmaceuticals. Very effective.

  • Special offer: Buy both and get 15% discount.

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer was he over the limit?

FACT: Enlarged red noses with broken blood vessels is called Rhinophyma. It is a subtype of another skin condition called rosacea, which causes chronic inflammation of the skin. Once thought it was because of too much alcohol now it is known that this is not the case (but alcohol can make it worse) Like I have said, I don’t expect abstinence (that would be unrealistic for many) but pacing yourself is a really good idea. Volunteer to be the sober driver if you have already had 2 or more heavy nights and have alcohol free times, your liver will thank you for it. For those who want to have some sneaky cheats up their sleeves.

DP Herbals have 3 products that are good at preventing the hangover or helping the liver cope at this festive time. Let us know if would like more information:

N-acetylcysteine or NAC - The best way to help prevent possible liver damage is to take an NAC hangover supplement before drinking alcohol. This will assist in the production of glutathione which will help break down the toxic acetaldehyde. We recommend taking it before and after a few tipples to prevent any unnecessary hangovers. Not only that, NAC can be used as a hangover prevention effective in controlling alcoholism, loss of control, and liver damage. Bonus!

Enterosgel – This gel like substance accelerates the elimination of alcohol from the body. It just "slides" along the intestinal mucosal surface and blocks the passage of toxins including excessive alcohol to penetrate through.

LivCo – This group of herbals have a lovely mix of synergies and best of all they are all loved by the liver and are liver protective. They are also detoxifying and help to process the alcohol from the body saving the liver.

Let’s stay in touch! 

Orders, questions, thoughts, are always appreciated. Please email these to me at as texts can get lost over the course of a day. :)

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