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Look deep inside and you will understand everything better – Hippocrates
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Silent night – all is bright?

Hi there

So it is February and now the 2016 can truly begin! I trust and hope that you all had a lovely break over Christmas and New Year? We did! Despite the very cold days speckled through December and January we managed to have a beautiful week away in sunny Nelson …with everyone else from Christchurch ☺ With computer lid bolted firmly shut, book in hand and mind wandering aimlessly here are my 5 top holiday insights going into 2016. 

1. Toothpaste is not a good sunscreen!  It appears that toothpaste really doesn’t have the qualities a good sunscreen provides. After absent mindedly reaching for something on the bench and applying it liberally to my forehead, face and arms I happily ventured out into the sun smelling minty fresh with sticky eyebrows. Needless to say I could not give it a good SPF rating!

2. Never try to do all your present shopping and food shopping on Christmas Eve in another town without a car. Yes, that was me. While I sent my family off to do other things (I know you totally understand all you Mums out there) I had to pull things together at the last minute!  Lucky I found everything AND much of the nice wrapping paper etc was 50% off! Winning!

3. Always remember that when borrowing your children’s car, you will need to introduce a substance called petrol. Something the car only gets when you are around it seems. 

4. Ease into the first week of work. Your body maybe back but your mind hasn’t turned off the “out of office” response yet. Enjoy those days with your clients and colleagues as everyone is also feeling like you – no problem!

5. A call to action! Let’s start a referendum (these are trendy nowadays) as I want the time we all take our summer break revised. Instead of breaking over Christmas (weather is dodgy, its crazy busy with family etc) let’s just honour the stats and then take the main break in February?? Weather warmer, it’s a more relaxed time – nothing going on terribly much. Sound good? All those for a common sense approach to holidays say “yes!”

So now the wisdom is imparted. I hope you have a wonderful month and as always DP Herbals will endeavour to keep you and your family healthy and vibrant in 2016. 

Take care (and don’t forget to use toothpaste appropriately!)

Deirdre x

Look deep inside and you will understand everything better – Hippocrates

Hippocrates would have loved Hemaview! He was the ultimate herbal hero in my view and yet also was well known as being the father of modern medicine. Revered for his ethical standards in medical practice he argued that disease was not a punishment inflicted by the gods but rather the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits. All along his medicine was humble and passive, believing in "the healing power of nature".  

Enter live blood analysis or Hemaview. This science is derived from medical haematology which of course is not new. The exciting thing is that the information you can gain from Hemaview can determine your current state of wellness meaning that you finally have a proactive and preventative assessment tool.  By looking at the blood and it is currently behaving in its environment (both white and red blood cells) we can determine things such as inflammation, oxidation, liver stress, nutrition and how the immune system is coping. Hippocrates would have been fascinated as I am sure you will be too!

For this month only I am offering all *Hemaview consultations a free gift value of up to $20.00! So book in now. Every Hemaview comes with a full report 4-5 pages long so why wait? 

*Does not apply to full consults sorry.

Check it, don’t forget it!

DP Herbals prides itself as having a comprehensive set of skills in the area of health and wellness. This includes community education, events and classes. Featured events coming up this month for DP Herbals and friends include:

DP Herbals is giving a short presentation about the use of Herbs and their benefits on health on the 17th of February at the Woolston club. If you wish to come along, please contact us on 960-6282 or 021355592

Karen Degan (Set Free with EFT) is having her first official Book launch at the Woolston club on the 15th of February from 6pm. The book is: Heightening your Happiness Tickets available from: www.HeighteningYour

Moira McDougall (Heart Fire Therapy) is starting up a weekly acupuncture treatment for those with arthritic knees on the 3rd of February at 5:30 PM from the South New Brighton Community Centre. This is a community service that Moira is offering so get in quick!  (At cost fee may apply) Ph: 0211537076

Joan Koffmann (Holistic healing therapist) is starting up Qi Gong therapy beginners class Saturday mornings from 9:00am – 10:00am from 39 Bakers St, New Brighton. Ph: 3826633