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During this eventful and unprecedented year, you've likely felt compelled to consume high-quality journalism that gets to the heart of the local, national, and global issues that matter most to you. We do too. We feel that urgency 24/7, 365 days a year because the future of our community depends on our ability to confront hard truths and understand how we can create a better society for everyone.

Last week we published an important story, ‘They think workers are like dogs.' How pork plant execs sacrificed safety for profits.' This story took five months to research and document. We collaborated with the Pulitzer Center and USA Today and our Managing Editor and Reporter Sky Chadde kept digging until we had the whole story. We documented what really happened at the Triumph meatpacking plant in Missouri, and what happened to their workers. We spoke to meatpacker Bernardo Serpa in his hospital room, hoping that he was on his way to recovery from COVID-19.  He wasn't. He died in October, making it even more important to share his words.

"They think workers are like dogs"

Bernardo Serpa 
#triumphoutbreak #bernardoserpa

Nonprofit news is different, and we know it. We serve the people who live the headlines by transforming how the story is told—uncovering, engaging, leveling the playing field and the stakes. And this work is needed like never before. We’ve demonstrated that with our deep on-site coverage of the dicamba trial earlier this year that resulted in a $400 million settlement for farmers. We've demonstrated that with our ongoing database of the effects of COVID-19 on meatpacking workers and the industry, which has been cited over and over both nationally and internationally. This is reporting that counts. This is reporting that we all need. But journalism in the public service can't exist without public support. We need people like you to stand up for it.

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