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ChrisJan Music Newsletter
by Glenn & Jan Christianson
Volume #1904

Hello Friends!

Another week has quickly passed! I hope it's been a good one for you. I had a software "glitch" that slowed me down for a couple days, but I finally got it fixed.(I think the word "impatient" is synonymous with "computer problems!") All in all, it's been a good week!


From time to time people ask us when we do music for them who owns it. Simple answer...YOU DO! We're working for you, and when completed, you own the material and the copyright. In fact, after we finish your job, we can't legally or ethically use your music without your permission.

It's like this. If your kitchen faucet leaks and sprays water all over, you call a plumber. He picks up a new faucet, installs it for you, hands you the bill, and you pay for it. That's that! You don't send him another commission check every time you turn on your faucet! You bought it, so you own it! The same is true of the music we do for you.

No doubt the copyright laws and terms like Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) can be confusing. I've attached an article on our FREE STUFF! page called, "Copyright Basics" from the US Copyright Department. It's ten pages long and answers a lot of the basics of the copyright laws. It has some good additional sources at the end as well. Feel free to contact them at for more information.

I was working with a client last year who had just finished recording for a new CD. We had a number of copyrighted songs for which we needed mechanical royalty licenses. (That's the license you need to get in order to record someone's copyrighted music.) It can be a nightmare to find the information! Many of the songs are traded, publishing companies sell-out to other companies, and there is no universal catalog to find the information. Then I discovered Easy Song Licensing (ESL). Wow! What a relief! For a nominal fee per song, they will research the copyright information, contact the publishers that own the songs, create the mechanical royalty licenses, and pay each company. They will send you one bill for their fees plus all the royalty payments. Then you will get a final contract from them showing all the song titles, publishing information, royalties paid, and project info. Save yourself the headache next time. Give ESL a try.


Enough of the technical stuff! We've added a couple more pieces of free music to our FREE STUFF! page. Jan has a series of children's piano solos, and we've included her arrangement of "Jesus Loves Even Me." Then we've written a song called "I Need You, Lord." We've included the high voice edition on our page. Enjoy!

That should do it for now. Hope you have a great week!

Glenn Christianson
President, ChrisJan Music
Phone: 864.905.6526
Our Website:
Our Music Catalog: ChrisJanMusic.XYZ


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