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ChrisJan Music Newsletter
by Glenn & Jan Christianson
Volume #1905

Hello Friends!

It's hard to believe that February is almost over! 2019 is rolling right along. Next week will be our first-of-the-month newsletter where we'll mention the folks we've worked with this month. It's a real privilege for us to work with so many fine musicians.

S&H Green Stamps
Some of you remember the days of S&H Green Stamps. You got them as a bonus for purchases that you made. You kept collecting them until you had enough to make up a book. Then two books. Soon it was time to head to the "S&H Redemption Store" to trade them in for a new gadget.

Was that a free gift? Not really! You bought stuff along the way with your hard-earned money to get the stamps. Then the store took your stamps, but that was no problem! You left the store with that new Gizmo in your hands. You "redeemed" your new merchandise with S&H Green Stamps.

This is a very poor example of what God did for us!  None of us deserves to be saved, but God redeemed us through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. He purchased us...paid the price for our that we can be His child...forever! Now that's a free gift! What a picture of God's love and redemption!


What do you play when you don't know
what to play?

Anyone who has played keyboard for a church service or concert has faced this dilemma? What should you play for a "filler" before a special number or congregational song? Should you just keep playing the same two or three chords over and over? (Could be boring.) Or do you just jump in and start playing the hymn or special number? (Could be anti-climactic.) You want it to sound natural, be in the right key, and go seamlessly into the song.

Keyboard "Fillers"

Jan and I have developed a tool called Keyboard "Fillers" that may be helpful to you. We've written some 16-measure transitions that can be played slowly in a relaxed manner to "fill in" during these times. Every 4 measures they go back to the V chord, so you can easily transition to the special number or hymn at several points along the way. We've written them in every key (though you probably won't do them in Gb or B very often). You can download your copy on our FREE STUFF!  page under "New Stuff!" Give it a try; and as always, we welcome your input for this and future tools that can be helpful to you.

Other Free Stuff!
Several years ago Bible Truth Music asked Jan and me to do a piano duet book called Wonderful Grace of Jesus. We have our duet arrangement of "It Is Well with my Soul" on our FREE STUFF! page. We also found a website called They have over 70 million PDF books that you can download for free. (I did a quick search and found over 400 books on music alone.) Finally, we have a 46-page book called Music Theory Fundamentals. It may helpful as a resource item for you.

Alright, it's time to head towards the end of the month. Thanks for taking a few minutes to read our newletter. Hope you have a great week!

Glenn Christianson
President, ChrisJan Music
Phone: 864.905.6526
Our Website:
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