Readlang now has over 1700 users, a new Web Reader providing translations within any web page, and some new tutorial videos.

Readlang has over 1700 users!

Thank you all for joining, and especially those who have upgraded to become a Readlang Supporter or donated. I started the site only 10 months ago to help me learn Spanish, and since then have been working hard to make it the best place to read in many other languages, for many other people. It started as an experiment but the more feedback I get from all of you nice people, the more I think this could actually become a real business, allowing me to work on it for years to come. For this to work I'll need it to reach a lot more people, so if you enjoy Readlang, please consider recommending it to friends or colleagues, I'd really appreciate it.


Web Reader

This makes it super simple to read any web page in it's original format. Available as a Chrome Extension and a bookmarklet, it features the same swipe-to-translate interface as the main site, as well as a WordReference dictionary for popular languages. Of course, the trusty old importer is still available should you prefer distraction free reading within Readlang. Whichever way you choose, all your translations and context sentences are stored in your account for learning.

Tutorial Videos

I recently created a YouTube playlist to teach basic usage of Readlang. It takes you step-by-step through the main features of the site, covering topics for complete beginners as well as some more advanced features such as synchronising YouTube transcriptions. I plan to continue creating these videos as the site evolves, please let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to cover.
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