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AIMA Board Member Report
Dear <<First Name>>,

Health Coaching, the bridge between intention and measurable outcomes.

Post-COVID conversations are a testament to the public's heightened realisation and awakening that the attainment of health is about how we live our lives EVERY DAY.  Not a choice of one aspect over another, but the cohesion and harmony of elements as whole health.  It's a holographic view of each individual's uniqueness.

AIMA has been a leader in these conversations for more than 30 years, and as a member of the AIMA Board of Directors, we are all excited about the future.

As a qualified Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Coach and the Chair of the Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association (HCANZA), I have witnessed the exponential rise in conversations by medical practitioners, allied health professionals and consumer advocates about the benefits of health coaching.  There is also an increasing demand for properly qualified professionals and standards.  HCANZA guarantees that each one of our professional members meets the internationally recognised requirements.

Last month, I read Dr Penny Caldicott's report, which touched on and recognised that as practitioners, attention needs to be paid to the importance of your own health and resilience in these stressful times.  You know it's funny, but it's not, that we work in promoting a healthy lifestyle, wellness and well-being and yet can be simultaneously exhausted by it.  Looking into the mirror!

Collaborative care teams play an immensely important role - not only for our clients but also for you as practitioners.  Health and Wellness coaches are an invaluable resource in your practice.  The skill base in fundamental behaviour change that coaches bring is unique, enhancing patient outcomes and bringing cohesion and improved measures of success to the patient and the entire team.  

If I say, "take a pill," that's easy.  But if I say, "change your lifestyle or eat differently," those are difficult changes to make.  People do better when they have support.  I include health coaches in all my online programs, my programs at The UltraWellness Centre, and the Centre for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.  Having health coaches on my team ensures that each and every individual gets healthy and, more importantly, stays healthy.  I can tell my patients what to do, but if they don't do it, it doesn't matter." Dr Mark Hyman

When I talk to colleagues who have engaged a health coach, I hear only praise for the increase in value for everyone, and they often say they would always choose to have one as part of the team.

Click this link to access a Doctors Guide to Health Coaching co-sponsored by the Institute of Functional Medicine, the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association.  This guide outlines the philosophy and the research of Health & Wellness coaching. 

Only six weeks before AIMA's signature IM event, Optimising 21st Century Healthcare, Body Mind & Spirit.  The speakers are exceptional, with the usual deep dives into the latest science juxtaposed with an opportunity to creatively explore some of the more elusive yet vital aspects of the health equation.  HCANZA will be there.  We were there in 2020.  What a wonderful opportunity to experience and share our common passion and commitment to IM, the prevention and management of chronic and complex diseases. 

I can't wait to see you at the conference. 

Look out for this logo.

Linda Funnell-Milner
Chair, Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association


We're on the countdown!

Have you booked your tickets yet?!

Don't miss out on the 2022 AIMA Conference on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November 2022 at the Auckland University of Technology in central Auckland, New Zealand.

Ticket prices
AIMA Members $450
Non-members $550
Students $120

The AIMA Conference is the leading event for the integrative medicine community in Australasia.  A ‘must-do’ for all GPs, medical specialists, allied health practitioners, researchers, educators, students, and health professionals who want to learn about and understand how integrative medicine can be used to prevent and manage chronic and complex diseases.

The theme for 2022 is Optimising 21st-century healthcare; body, mind, and spirit and will include presentations from a host of charismatic and knowledgable integrative medicine experts from across the globe including keynote speakers:
  • Dr Iain McGilchrist (Scotland) sponsored by The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust – renowned psychiatrist, author, thinker, and former Oxford literary scholar.
  • Dr Marc Cohen (Aus) – medical doctor, university professor, author, poet, entrepreneur, wellness trailblazer, and perpetual student of life.
Click here to see view all speakers.

Hosted at AUT, in Auckland’s vibrant city centre, the conference is a great opportunity to connect and network with speakers and like-minded practitioners whilst learning about the latest clinical and evidence-based information around integrative medicine. Full catering is provided as well as lots of useful information and advice from suppliers in the wellness industry. You don't want to miss this!
Student essay competition winners

As part of the 2022 AIMA Conference, we ran a Student Essay Competition inviting students to submit a 300-500 word essay on the topic “What are the key advantages to developing an integrative care team and how would you go about establishing these relationships”. We were thrilled with the responses and have managed to select our three winners below.

Congratulations go to:

  1. Anina van der Walt – AUT Health Science Student
  2. Susan Eckert – South Pacific College of Natural Medicine Naturopathy Student
  3. Nico Calderón-Hunt – Auckland University Medical Student

Each winner will receive:

  • a free ticket to the 2022 AIMA NZ Conference
  • a range of books from our sponsors/speakers
  • a $200 cash prize!
To read the winning essy by Anina van der Walt, click here.

If you are a student and have missed out on the essay competition, tickets are available to purchase at a discounted student rate of $120 from



Oestrogen metabolism in high-risk patients with Dr. Shala Rasouli
12 & 19 October 2022 7.30pm-8.45pm AEDT

During the sessions Dr. Shala Rasouli will cover:
  • How oestrogen and progesterone fall out of balance
  • The importance of optimal oestrogen synthesis and the role of methylation in oestrogen metabolism
  • The importance of recognising and treating oestrogen imbalance, including oestrogen excess
  • Relevant genetic abnormalities that may increase risk
  • How to assist and counsel patients (and their immediate family) when there is an identified increased cancer risk
  • How to optimise oestrogen metabolism using complementary medicines and diet and lifestyle therapies.
Purchase tickets here.

Gene–Environment Interactions and Detoxification: A Functional Medicine Approach to Detoxification
Presented by Dr Denise Furness in collaboration with FxMed
18th October 2022 at 12-1pm NZDT
The last 100 years has given rise to a rapid expansion in the chemical industry. Our ability to tolerate and excrete these substances depends on many factors including our genes, nutrient intake and total chemical load. This webinar will cover specific genes that may increase chemical sensitivities and therapeutic strategies to support detoxification.
Learning Objectives

  • Common chemicals and environmental pollutants that can cause cellular damage and ill health.
  • Key genes and that are associated with inherited chemical sensitivities.
  • Lifestyle interventions to reduce toxic load and improve detoxification.
  • Nutrient and supplement recommendations to support gene function and detoxification.

Register online here 

Vanita Dahia: Clinical Insights – Complete Microbiome Mapping

Wednesday, 19th October, 12:00 PM (NZST) / 10:00 AM (AEDT)

Gastro-intestinal (GI) conditions underpin many physiologic imbalances, be it mood or hormone imbalance to pain and inflammation. The GI tract is responsible for homeostasis of many physiological functions including immune function, digestion, metabolism & absorption and excretion of nutrients, detoxification, and even neurotransmitter production.

Register here.

Allevi8 has organised a unique, free webinar for medical practitioners - 'Helping patients meditate' on 8th November from 7.30pm AEDT. 

Featuring a presentation by Ian Gawler OAM on the evidence for meditation & mindfulness for health & healing, and a panel discussion with medical practitioners who have experience of introducing meditation to their patients - Ranjit Rao, Ruth Gawler, Amelia Twiss.

About Allevi8:

Allevi8 is a meditation mentoring program designed for those affected by a significant health challenge. It is supplemented by the world class Allevi8 app that features evidence based mind-body practices to help manage stress & anxiety, pain, sleep, heavy emotions, support healing, help get the most out of medical treatment, and explore meaning and purpose in adversity. 

Allevi8 has compelling data showing that its mentoring program substantially increases regular practice, and that regular meditators in turn report significant improvements across a range of health markers such as anxiety, depression, pain, nausea and fatigue (as measured via monthly in-app Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale-r surveys). 

Allevi8 Group Mentoring comprises weekly online teaching and practice sessions plus a monthly interactive small-group session, each led by an experienced meditation teacher, and is priced at $30 per month (inc GST). 

To register, click here.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in Clinical Practice

Sunday 20th November 2022, 8:30am - 5:30pm (NZST)

Immerse yourself in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) for a deeper understanding of bio-individual therapy & detoxification, for
improved clinical outcomes.

Learn how to:
1. evaluate essential mineral levels
2. assess metabolic stress and energy
3. quantify toxic loads and burdens
4. naturally chelate and detoxify
5. re-establish body mineral balance

For: New & Experienced Practitioners
Price: $195NZD, $175 AUD inc Free HTMA (for a client or yourself), Product Samples, Light Lunch & Resources
7.5 hours CPE / CPD Point - Fast-track your accreditation!

Click here for more information and to book.



Inquiry into Long COVID and Repeated COVID Infections

The Australian Federal Government has announced an inquiry into long covid and repeated covid infections.

They are calling for submissions from doctors, practitioners and patients.  This is a perfect opportunity for us to educate our government on the advantages of integrative medicine.  We encourage you all to consider making a submission to the inquiry and/or encouraging your patients to do likewise.

Submissions for this inquiry will close on 18 November 2022.

People and organisations interested in making a submission should please ensure that they:

  • respond directly to at least one of the inquiry terms of reference, including focusing on long COVID and/or repeat COVID infections (as opposed to COVID generally); and
  • keep the submission as concise as possible (ideally no more than 20 pages).

If you have any questions about the inquiry or the process of making a submission, please contact the secretariat at

Click here to find out more.


Cannabis Clinic NZ | Nationwide - Calling doctors of all levels nationwide

It's not every day you have the opportunity to work & lead in a new & emerging field of medicine!

Want to be part of the change? Want to up-skill and deepen your experience? Be part of a team that is held together by passion and purpose as opposed to a 9-5.

We are looking for passionate GPs in Wellington to join our team. If this sounds like you, then look no further. Join us and be part of our purpose – to give ordinary Kiwis throughout NZ a chance to live life again through plant-based treatments.
10 - 30 hours per week.

The role will involve

  • consulting with patients and their families about specific health conditions
  • understanding the unique problems each patient presents with.
  • following up with patients and families.
  • documentation of the above.

All training provided. Internal peer meetings. Satisfying consultations & results. Minimal paperwork.

Find out more about us:

Find out more about the opportunity available:

Seeking GPs, Psychologist, Osteopath and Naturopath for a holistic medical centre in Surry Hills, NSW

Established in 1977, The Wholistic Medical Centre was the first medical centre in Australia to integrate mainstream general practice with complementary medicine. We are now looking for GPs, a Psychologist, an Osteopath and a Naturopath to join our large, experienced and friendly team doing the type of satisfying clinical practice that you want to do. Part time or full-time.

Email Dr Nicholas Bassal at or visit the website here.


"How Strength Training Can Help You Live Longer

A growing body of research shows that resistance training adds years to both lifespan and “healthspan” – the period of life when we’re in good health.

A 2022 study review from Japanese researchers linked “muscle-strengthening activities” to a 15% lower risk of dying from any cause during the time period covered in the review.

Resistance exercise was also linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (17%), cancer (12%), and diabetes (17%)."

To read the full article in WebMD by Lou Schuler click here, to read the study, click here.

"Yoga, CBT Provide Long-term Improvement in Insomnia, Worry

Both yoga and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) provide meaningful improvements in worry, anxiety, and insomnia in older adults that last even 6 months after discontinuing treatment, new research suggests.

The study is the first to compare the long-term effects from the two interventions, and the results offer clinicians and patients two effective choices for reducing worry and anxiety, researchers note."

To read the full article by Kelli Whitlock Burton in Medscape, click here. To read the study, click here.


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Memberships enable us to build a strong integrative medicine community that is united, recognised, supported, and informed. We rely on memberships to survive and to support our goals, which are to:

  • bring integrative medicine into the mainstream
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AIMA Membership provides a raft of benefits including:

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