HB310 passed, and SB94 is coming up.  We must stop them.
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Greetings District 22 and friends,

The light at the end of the tunnel is finally here.  Sine Die is this Thursday, April 2nd.

Sine Die?
That's the fancy Latin word for the last day of Session for the year.  It means 'final adjournment'.  Read about how it's the most dangerous day of the year.  If I were going to assign a Latin term, it would be "
Die Illa Periculosissima" (or "most dangerous day", according to Google Translate).

Since you have probably never seen what actually goes on during Session, I suggest that you tune into the live feed of Day 40, which is this Thursday, April 2nd.  It will start around 9:30 and go until dark.  You'll likely be shocked by what you see.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me about what you witness.

You'll be shocked, but not nearly as shocked as what you don't see.

Don't see?
The backroom deals!  This is the last chance for no-knock warrants, government-growing bills, or bills that erode our rights to be jammed into a last minute bill and passed by unwitting Reps and Senators. 

This happens because few Reps bother to actually read the bills they vote on.  Instead, they rely on the bill sponsor, lawyers who will profit from the bill, or the special interest groups supporting the bill to carefully lay out the evil intentions or horrible ramifications the bill has.

Such a thing never seems to happen for some reason.

Therefore, Reps and Senators passed HB310, believing that...

Wait, HB310 passed both the House and the Senate?
Unfortunately, yes.  Thanks to your emails and calls, we were able to stop all three no-knock bills, but HB310 made it through.  It was being pushed by the Governor himself, which should come as no surprise, since it would allow the Governor to have his own police force and extend the judicial branch of Georgia's government under the office of the Governor.

Feel free to rail on the Reps and Senators who voted for it.  Yes, Wes Cantrell of the 22nd voted for it, claiming that it was the "right thing to do".  Right for who?  Certainly not the District 22 constituents who must now pay for this government expansion of both police power and government spending.  Of course, Wes is still defending the no-knock bills...

So how do we stop HB310?
This one is simple - there is only one option left.  Call Governor Nathan Deal and tell him to veto HB310.  His phone number is 404-656-1776.  The only thing stopping three brand new departments, extended police powers, and the ability for the Governor to create a police force with no restrictions is your call demanding his veto.

I'm saving the best for last, though.  And by 'best', I mean 'worst'.

What's worse than HB310, which creates 'the Department of Community Supervision'?
Let me tell you about SB94...
How about a bill that grants police and courts the ability to issue *secret* warrants? (see lines 259, 270, 281, 304, and 336)

How about a bill that gives search capabilities to officers who suspect that a crime is *about* to take place?  Yes, like that movie 'Minority Report'. (see line 182)

How about a bill that unconstitutionally forces judges to issue any search warrant requested by an officer?  In other words, a bill that completely circumvents the 4th Amendment and effectively short-circuits the entire judicial branch. (see line 168).

How about a bill extending the ability to conduct search warrants to untrained, unsworn civilians?  As if we don't pay enough for botched search warrants already. (see line 209)

How about allowing those serving a search warrant, including untrained civilians, unlimited access to devices, such as grenades, explosives, tanks, or anything else they feel like using...with full legal immunity? (see line 212).

How about a bill that would grant *additional* immunities to those who conduct search warrants, including those who have never taken an oath to uphold the law?  It's hard enough to get justice when our government recently ruined the life of Baby Bou Bou and ended the life of David Hooks, and gets away with it...and our legislators want to make it harder to serve justice for such actions?  This is akin to a license to kill citizens. (see line 566)

The bill that does all of these horrible things is SB94, and it is the cherry on the top of this Session's push to erode the rights our country was founded on.  And we must stop it.

Believe it or not, SB94 has already passed in both the GA House and the GA Senate.

WHAT?!?  Is this a tasteless April Fool's joke?
SB94 is no joke.  But luckily different versions were passed.  That means that a final version must be passed that reconciles the two versions.  The original SB94 is here.  It started off as a simple, 3-page bill enhancing witness identification.  No big deal.

But the backroom deals happened, and HB430 was tacked on.  I've written about these backroom deals before and how to stop them. So since this is already a long newsletter, I'll skip the explanation here.  However, know that HB430 is where all the evil comes from.  HB430 is a 33 page bill that adds more than a thousand lines of new laws - the horrible laws mentioned above that would all but eviscerate our 4th Amendment rights. 

If you are in Cherokee County, our own 'Republican' Rep Mandi Ballenger is a co-sponsor of this unconstitutional, anti-American, freedom-hating bill.

So while HB430 didn't pass a vote in either the House or the Senate (similar to the three no-knock bills we successfully thwarted), it was snuck into a version of SB94 by special interest lawyers.  The special interest lawyers were able to sneak it in there because the bill sponsor himself (GA Senator Charlie Bethel) didn't bother to read what they put in there, but was told that his original bill (which was good) wouldn't pass without some 'help'.  You can't make this stuff up!

Using the same sneaky tactic, other special interest lawyers may try to sneak one of the three no-knock bills that also failed to get a vote in either the House or the Senate, flipping the final finger to the citizens of Georgia.

Therefore, we must stop SB94!

The last day of Session is this Thursday.  We must flood the Senate with emails and calls, telling them to vote against SB94 AND telling them to not allow any substitute amendments that legalize no-knock warrants.

By this time, you know the drill.  Since there are so many Senators to email, I have collected all the email addresses in a single link so you can send one email to all at once.  If clicking the link doesn't work, you can right-click and select 'copy email address'.

Click here to email all members of the GA Senate.

Also, email your own State House Rep and insist that they not only vote against this if it comes up again, but warn others as well.

As always, be respectful, but firm.  In this case, very firm.  Thank you in advance for your effort to halt horrible government.

I'll send a recap...
...sometime after Session is out to let folks know what to expect, and who to go after.

Sam Moore
GA State House Emeritus - Dist. 22
FB: voteformoore22

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P.S.  The ~1 Billion Dollar tax increase, one of the biggest in GA history, passed last night around midnight.  Remember the TSPLOST that was voted down a few years ago by citizens who didn't want a tax increase?  Well, apparently the GA 'Republican' legislature likes tax increases by voting for HB170.  I could write an entire newsletter on what's wrong with this bill, but others have already done a good job.  Georgia already has the highest cost of vehicle ownership in the Country.  Thanks to HB170, our gas prices will be well above the national average AND those taxes will keep going up since this particular tax is indexed to inflation.

P.P.S. Don't forget to call Governor Nathan Deal at 404-656-1776 and tell him to veto HB310.

P.P.S.  Email the GA Senate now and tell them to vote NO to SB94 AND tell them to vote NO on any amendment that legalizes no-knock warrants:
Click here to email all members of the GA Senate.
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