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   Glimpses of a new time - A message from Kristin Engvig & February News

Dear <<First Name>>

I was in Rome the other day working with the team. After a long day of meetings we decided to go for a walk to the Orange Garden in the Aventine area of town. One of the ladies said, “let’s go see the famous Knights of Malta Keyhole”. We walked to the top of a hill and I saw some elegant buildings including one with a large door where people were standing in a line. I approached the door and looked through its famous ‘key hole’. Looking through the key hole, you see a direct path through beautiful gardens leading directly to St. Peters. Wow. I felt like a kid again; looking through a key hole to see what is on the other side, glimpse of another world. What a marvelous sight. 

The experience evoked wonder, making me feel very alive.

Earlier that day in the taxi from the airport I had an interesting conversation with a taxi driver who, like me, had lived and visited Japan several times. The rather unexpected conversation went to Artificial Intelligence (AI), internet of things and data analytics. How it changes the world, frees us from manual work but also how many jobs get lost and how we would need to find new solutions. I shared how, when I visited Japan last, I had witnessed an entire factory without any humans and ordered food from a robot in a restaurant and discussed the topic widely during our meetings in Tokyo. Also, the fact that we can now be so easily manipulated through ‘big data’ whether during elections or for deciding what to consume, is another challenge of our time, not to mention distribution of wealth. As I closed the door, it also became apparent to me that he had not always been a taxi driver. I felt inspired by his amazing spirit. 

Back in Switzerland I found myself sitting next to a VP of a large multinational. She told me she had a rather challenging task ahead, firing 16000 people all over Europe. “That sounds like a terrible job”, I said. She told me her biggest task was finding contractors to replace the 16000 people. I wondered, “Why do you need to fire all the employees when the work is still there?” We need flexibility and prefer working with people on short term contracts rather than fixed European contracts, she said. In a world where things are changing so fast, she may not have a choice, or does she? I couldn’t help thinking as this is not the only company doing so. What if nobody had fixed contracts anymore? What does that mean for planning our future?

Who do we need to be? Certainly not alone. Read More

With love and courage


8 March - Join us in the evening in Lausanne
Reserve the date, more details to come soon

30 March | Diversity & Inclusion Forum -  Thomson Reuters, Geneva Office

Join  corporate managers, leaders, organizations and experts in a fascinating exploration of how we can create inclusive organizations where people thrive and businesses flourish. We gather to discuss how you and I can lead the way in creating an innovative organizations. In a time of immense change women are marching in the streets, how do we as leaders prepare and create sustainable societies and organizations? In particularly, we focus on sustainable organizations where everyone feels valued and included to be our authentic self and confidently contribute in our unique ways to projects and business that truly matters at this time. The question is: How can we make this happen? 

5th and 6th April | India WINConference - SOFITEL BKC Mumbai, India

Top business leaders, NGOs, activists, managers, consultants, artists and politicians meet in a colourful and diverse setting, integrating the divine feminine with modern business practices and tools. We inspire and are inspired as we accelerate the empowerment of more women in India and across the globe. Through world-class plenary sessions, skill building workshops, bench-marking forums and one on one coaching – we provide communities, companies and individual leaders with the opportunity to grow and contribute to a world in which we all can flourish. REGISTER NOW

Call for speakers is now open and Sponsor Opportunities are Available too, contact us


2nd June | Japan WINConference - Women's Plaza Tokyo, Japan

Reserve the dates for our annual gathering in Japan. Call for speakers is now open and sponsor opportunities available. Contact us at

27.28.29 (30) September | 20th Global WINConference - Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Oslo, Norway

Reserve the dates. Celebrate the spectacular 20th anniversary edition of the Global WINConference. Registration opens in mid-March. And the call for speakers opens 15 March. Sponsor opportunities are available, visit our website . Please support us in funding and spreading the word to make the event as inclusive as possible.

News from partners

10th ICON Global Diversity & Inclusion Seminar – 23. 24 February – Zurich 
€100 discount for WIN members - register here with discount code: WIN100

How is your organisation perceived internally and externally regarding inclusion and diversity? Do your employees from entry to senior level, truly embrace a culture of inclusion and fully understand what it means? ICON invite you to join this globally recognised event in Zurich to hear a robust collection of best and “next” practices presented by global heads of D&I, thought leaders, C-suite executives, everyday practitioners and business leaders along with authors and professors from some of the world’s most recognised companies and institutions. For more info contact:


Young Women Network  
We are happy to announce the partnership with Italy based organisation Young Women Network.

The mission of Young Women Network (YWN) is to fill the gender gap and support young women empowerment. YWN aims to accomplish this challenge by offering to their members mentoring programs and 'un-conventional' training events to strengthen ‘soft-skills’ such as self-confidence, negotiation capabilities, leadership and problem-solving. In 2015 YWN has launched “Inspiring Mentors” – a one-to-one mentoring Program addressed to 80 young female professionals in Italy. YWN is active in the cities of Milan and Rome since 2012.

We work to get a critical mass of women into decision making roles, to progress careers, to create companies with the highest values, encourage and support more women in politics and in business, as well as giving space for artists and activists. We also know it is not only about women. We therefore work to develop ourselves on the inside, contributing with our authenticity, with our hearts and integrating feminine values, supporting each other in making dreams come true. We work globally and we work with men. That is what creates a win-win situation moving forward that benefits everyone. Solving the many challenges of our time requests your compassionate leadership and your vital passion to sustain it. WIN runs women’s preferred leadership forum, the WINConference. It also holds a WINCorporate networking and learning group, runs the WINCommunity and the WINdevelopment fund. For more information on WIN please visit our website or write to us at, and tweet #WINConference.
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