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Dachshund Club Handbook

2014-16 Edition is available now

The lastest Dachshund Club Handbook covering 2014-2016 has been published. Handbooks cover a three year period and the contents include a Directory of CC Winners that lists all dogs winning a CC during that 3 year period, with their sires and dams. Overseas titles are included where known and, where dogs have two or more titles, the British one is listed first.

The main feature is the Gallery of Champions that gives a three-generation pedigree of all British champions made up in the period, with photographs where possible. The Handbook also contains articles and photographs.

Successive editions have established the Handbook as a ‘collector’s item’ throughout the Dachshund world: there is always a waiting list for out-of-print editions.

The 2014-16 handbook is edited by: John Bennett, Daphne Graham and Rebecca Kerry.

Available from the Dachshund Club shop.

Dachshund Registrations

2016 data

The latest KC Breed Records Supplement gives us the number of Dachshunds registered in 2016:

  • Smooth 285
  • Long 180
  • Wire 544
  • Mini Smooth 4576
  • Mini Long 899
  • Mini Wire 681

The inexorable rise in popularity of Mini Smooths saw a 33% increase in registrations over 2015. They are now the 11th most popular KC registered breed (up from 16th in 2015).

The charts below show the registration trends since 1999.

Over this period, in the Miniatures, the Mini Smooths have increased by about 400%. Mini Longs have declined by about 40% while the Mini Wires have remained roughly static (based on the linear trend line).

In the Standards, the Smooths and Longs have each declined in popularity by about 20% while the Wires have increased by about 50% (based on the linear trend line).


Mini Wire Lafora Status

90% of litters are now "safe"

We are grateful to Mandy Dance for collating the latest KC Breed Records Supplement data on Lafora status of litters registered in the last Quarter of 2016.

There were 30 litters recorded producing 105 pups, however, one litter was an odd registration as it had no known sire (!) and so we have discounted this. Therefore the figures are based on 29 litters and 104 pups.
  • Completely safe 14 litters producing 45 pups
  • Completely unsafe 3 litters producing 12 pups
The remaining litters will be safe due to the Breeder using a clear stud dog, however, none of these dams have been tested.

Overall, the trend remains the same percentage-wise regarding Lafora, with around 90% of litters being safe. 

Can we remind everyone that cord1 PRA testing is a requirement for all three Miniature varieties?

Poisoning warning!

Your waste bin could be deadly

Wheelhouse Vets in Buckinghamshire recently shared the story of one of their clients whose two dogs had been poisoned. Sadly, one dog subsequenctly died despite being treated for nearly a week at the Royal Veterinary College.

Both dogs had licked the inside of a kitchen waste bin (caddy) that had blown over in their owner's garden.

There is a certain type of mould that is fatal, not all mould. This is the mould that comes from things such as bread, cheese, pasta and walnuts. It is especially concentrated when in a sealed environment, such as a waste bin. Mycotoxicosis is a term used to denote poisoning by food products contaminated by fungi (i.e. mouldy bread, cheese, English walnuts, or even backyard compost). As well as being toxic to humans, fungi release various toxins, also called mycotoxins, that are toxic to cats and dogs.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOGS TO LICK THE INSIDE OF A WASTE FOOD BIN. If they do, and they start convulsing or vomiting, take them to the vet immediately.

Other news in brief...

Resources for breeders

The Kennel Club Academy has added 3 new FREE resources:
  • Canine Pregnancy – Presented by Angelika Von Heimendahl
  • Whelping and Rearing A Litter of Puppies – Featuring Kennel Club Assured Breeders Angie Townsend (breeder of Labrador Retrievers) and Jane Newport (breeder of Parson Russell Terriers
  • Preparing Puppies for Future Life – Featuring Kennel Club Assured Breeders Angie Townsend (breeder of Labrador Retrievers) and Jane Newport (breeder of Parson Russell Terriers)

IVDD Screening
Find out how to participate in our subsidised IVDD Screening Programme.
IVDD Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation following an IVDD incident, with either conservative or surgical treatment, is a key topic of discussion on our IVDD Facebook Group.

We are grateful to Dr Marianne Dorn who is working with us to create a comprehensive guide to rehabilitation. Join our Facebook Group and look out for her advice which will be published soon.

Marianne is the Rehab Vet.


Dates for your diary

Lafora Screening
The next Lafora Screening session for Mini Wires will take place in Lichfield, Staffordshire on March 29th.
To book a place, please contact Sue Holt or Nora Price.

Dogs taking part in this day will also be asked to provide cheek swabs to help with the development of a Lafora test by the AHT.

Crufts 2017
Crufts will be held on 9-12th March 2017. Dachshunds will be on Thursday 9th March.
The Midland Dachshund Club team will, once again, be organising the Dachshund booths at Discover Dogs so visitors can meet Dachshunds on all 4 days of the show.
Fit, Fitter, Fittest: Hounds R Us 22nd April 2017
The Afghan Hound Association will be holding an informal day near Newbury, Berkshire to ask whether our hounds are "fit for function", whatever the function. The day includes guest speakers from Afghans, Whippets and Bloodhounds, plus a hound trailing demo and fun classes.
Booking details from Susan Rhodes 01233 770256

Rescue and Welfare

Dachshund Rescue
The independent rescue and welfare charity for UK Dachshunds. Website here. Temporary help for owners is provided by Daxaid.

March 2017

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