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Almonds, genes and discs

A Dachshund education day

Around 70 people attended a seminar run by Eastern Counties Dachshund Association and the Miniature Dachshund Club at Roade on 2nd April. The three topics covered were the Dachshund Breed Standard (Mandy Dance, who gave everyone an almond to remind them of the correct eye shape), screening for back disease (Ian Seath) and the genetics of coat and colour (Helen Geeson).

Helen Geeson's presentation is available on YouTube, here.
Ian Seath's presentation is available on YouTube, here.

You can read more about the seminar, here.

The Dachshund Club of Wales is running a seminar and A2 Assessment on 4th June. Contact Secretary Judith Armstrong for details

The Dachshund Club and Longhaired DC will be running a seminar and A2 Assessment near Wolverhampton on July 23rd. Contact the Secretaries: Annette Latham-Jackson or Lynda Billinghurst.

IVDD Screening Programme


For the avoidance of doubt, the UK IVDD Screening programme is just that: a SCREENING PROGRAMME. You could also call it a TEST (like Hip or Elbow testing). 
It is based on decades of research (starting in the 1960s) that shows a relationship between calcifications and IVDD. The lower the number of calcifications, the lower the risk of IVDD.  It is about reducing the RISK of herniations in future generations. As with the hip and elbow schemes in other breeds, which don't guarantee freedom from these issues, it does not guarantee avoidance of herniation.

There is also a research component in that we are tracking the dogs that have been screened. It is NOT "research" to see if it might work. 
Please read the information here: Why x-ray screening?

New KC Judges' Programme

Education, approval and competency

The Kennel Club has announced a new system for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges and those who go on to award Challenge Certificates and judge championship show groups, and Best in Show.

The Judges Competency Framework will be launched in January 2019, run alongside the current system for a three-year transition period, and be fully operational from January 2022. This education will involve mentoring and ringside observation by breed experts and be supported by a network of Breed Education Coordinators who will help facilitate learning.

The Framework will provide a logical sequence of learning, practising, peer observation and examination and will cater for all judges at every level – it outlines a judge’s career path providing clear criteria for each stage. Each level will also confirm judging privileges, again making it clear to the judge and the show society who is eligible to judge which breed, and the number and the type of classes which may be judged. 

Further details of the Judges Competency Framework, including a list of FAQs, can be found on the Kennel Club website here.

Give a Dachshund a Genome

Project update from the AHT

Since the last update was sent out in  December  the AHT has continued to work very hard on this project and has made significant progress.  
In summary, a total of 87 dogs from 77  breeds will be sequenced as part of GDG.  
Each breed has completed a small health survey, indicating three health disorders that are currently of concern among the breed community. Health forms have been returned by 76 breeds and 95 disorders in total have been listed.  
To keep up the momentum, in addition to assessing the health forms, the AHT team has also been communicating and liaising with collaborators  (10  collaborators  so far  in Europe  and the  USA),  recruiting  and processing  swab  samples, sending suitable DNA for whole genome sequencing, and processing sequencing data. The Canine genetics team will be sharing some of the GDG data with fellow researchers in Europe and the USA who are working on specific conditions. 

The AHT has sent off a total of 40 samples from 39 breeds for sequencing. These samples encompass a variety of conditions and a number of healthy controls. Sequencing has been completed and the data downloaded for 28 samples. Analysis has begun on some of the data, but it is enormously time consuming.  
It is extremely difficult to grasp and appreciate just how enormous this project is and why it all takes so much time.
Thank you to the Dachshund community for your incredible support of and participation in Give a Dog a Genome. 

International Dog Health Workshop

Dachshunds showing leadership

The third International Dog Health Workshop took place in Paris from 21st to 23rd April 2017. It was organised by the International Partnership for Dogs, of which our Kennel Club is a founding and sponsoring member and Caroline Kisko is Vice-chair of its Board. Ian Seath, Breed Council Chairman, was invited to give one of the plenary presentations on the work we have done in the UK on our breed health strategy.

The IPFD’s mission is to facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources to enhance the health and wellbeing of pedigreed dogs and all dogs, worldwide. It has a website:, which is an information hub and provides a wealth of resources as well as blogs on current hot topics. This brings together breeders, vets, scientists and others in an online community of interest.

You can watch Ian's presentation on YouTube, here.

Other news in brief...

IVDD Crate Rest & Recovery Guide

Rehabilitation following an IVDD incident, with  conservative treatment involving crate rest, is a key topic of discussion on our IVDD Facebook Group.

We are grateful to Dr Marianne Dorn who has written a 35-page guide to crate rest and recovery for us. Download a pdf copy here.

Marianne is the Rehab Vet.

IVDD Screening
Find out how to participate in our subsidised IVDD Screening Programme.
Dr. Rowena Packer - research grant
We were delighted to hear that Rowena, who works with us on our IVDD research, has been awarded a BBSRC Fellowship. The grant will support her work on epilepsy.

Don't forget, if you have a Dachshund with epilepsy, you can submit a report to us, here.


Dates for your diary

Seminar/A2 Assessment
The Dachshund Club of Wales is running a seminar on 4th June. Contact Secretary Judith Armstrong for details.
Have a go at dog showing
Southern Dachshund Association is running an introductory event on 25th June for anyone who hasn’t shown before or who has less than a year’s experience. Find out what’s involved in showing a Dachshund. You don’t have to enter their show to take part in this. Details here.
Seminar/A2 Assessment
The Dachshund Club and Longhaired DC will be running a seminar and A2 Assessment near Wolverhampton on July 23rd. Contact the Secretaries: Annette Latham-Jackson or Lynda Billinghurst.

Rescue and Welfare

Dachshund Rescue
The independent rescue and welfare charity for UK Dachshunds. Website here. Temporary help for owners is provided by Daxaid.

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