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Happy New Year to all our readers

2015: a busy year on our website

130,000 visits!

Our website was viewed about 130,000 times in 2015. The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for 130,000 people to see it.

These are the pages that got the most views in 2015:

Where did our visitors come from?

124 countries in all! Most visitors came from United Kingdom (110,695). The United States (6,103) & Australia (2,916) were second and third for visitors.

Visits to the Breed Council's website have increased by 52% in 2015 compared with 2014 and are now running at a monthly average of just over 10,700. 

Our “Buying a Dachshund” page had the highest number of views of all the site's pages, with just over 58,000 views in the year (up 62% on 2014). 1241 copies of our pdf guide “Buying and Owning a Dachshund” were downloaded (15% up on 2014).

Lafora DNA test trends

9 out of 10 Mini Wire litters are now "safe"

The Lafora Screening Team has continued to analyse the litter registrations from the KC's Breed Records Supplement.  In the Autumn 2015 Quarter, 88% of the litters bred were "Safe"; i.e. will not contain Affected puppies.  Our Probability Model suggests that, of the puppies born in the Autumn Quarter, 14 can be expected to be Lafora Affected. 

An "unsafe" mating is one where any of the puppies could be Lafora Affected.  "Safe" litters have puppies that are either Lafora Clear or Carriers. There's a clear message for potential Mini Wire puppy buyers here: ask for the test results of both parents of any puppy you are considering buying and check out the WHDC results database.

The next planned Screening Day is 17th February. Contact Sue Holt for more information. Test fees will again be subsidised.

Chances to learn

Seminars in Wales and East Anglia

The Dachshund Club of Wales are holding an A2 Assessment Day at the Drill Hall, Chepstow on Sunday June 5th 2016.

Download a booking form here. Contact Judith Armstrong, Secretary, for more details - 01693 884082.

Eastern Counties Dachshund Association will be holding a Breed Seminar on Sunday 17th April 2016, in Bedfordshire.

The Seminar aims to provide an opportunity to learn about Dachshunds, whatever your current knowledge and experience. The speaker will be Mrs Mandy Dance who will talk about the Breed Standard.

Download a booking form here. Contact Secretary, Minna Hagan, for more details - 01406 150868.


Going over a dog - David Cavill's YouTube video

Dog judges should be consistent in the way they handle a dog in the ring. David Cavill covers the basics in this short video, using a dog which behaves impeccably!

Breeding from your Dachshund

Advice on our website

We’re often asked for advice on breeding so we have put together a new page that provides links to relevant articles we have published and other useful resources.

Many of these are already on our Health website as a lot of the considerations are health-related such as what DNA screening tests should you do before breeding.

Here are some of the resources listed:

One Medicine

Canine and Human Lafora developments

Dr. Berge Minassian, who helped us develop our Lafora DNA test will be visiting the UK in January. Members of our Lafora Team will be meeting with him to discuss his latest research into potential therapies for the disease. Dr. Minassian's main focus is on therapies for humans, but any success here is also likely to benefit dogs as well. This is a great example of what is now being called "One Medicine" where human and veterinary medicine work together. Declan Monaghan from the Humanimal Trust which was founded by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick will also be joining us at the meeting.

In addition, a group of Mini Wire owners who have been fundraising to support his research plan to meet Berge to hand over a cheque for £1000. We hope to have some pictures and more on this story next month.
Dachshund Breed Health Timeline
Our timeline has been updated to include 2015's key events.
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January 2016

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