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2 new Pet Advisers join the team

Welcome Charlotte and Aimée

In 2011, three people, Helga Klausgraber, Emma Newman and Gill Key were invited to join the DBC Health and Welfare sub-committee as Pet Advisers, with a remit that included helping to raise awareness of health and welfare within the pet community by supporting responsible buying and ownership, directing owners to the invaluable resources on the DBC website via social media, the internet and social events. The team also provide input from the pet owner perspective within the sub committee.

Since then, the breed has grown in popularity hugely, in no small part due to the high profile of dachshunds on TV and adverts, and at the same time, the Facebook community has expanded enormously. We now actively participate in the majority of the UK Facebook pet groups along with a number of U.S./multinational groups.

Helga has now emigrated to Australia, where she is doing sterling work on IVDD, and Emma has been increasingly busy with work commitments, meaning that the bulk of the work has been shouldered by Gill Key.

For some time, we have been looking for two additional Pet Advisers to support the work, and we are now delighted to announce that two new members have accepted an invitation to join the subcommittee: Charlotte Baldwin and Aimée Thomas. Welcome Charlotte and Aimée, and thank you Helga and Emma for your invaluable contributions.

Read more about Charlotte and Aimée.

Neutering your Dachshund

Health survey update

Neutering (spaying) of bitches is often put forward as a way to reduce the risk of Mammary tumours in later life. Our DachsLife 2015 data does not support this argument. There was no statistically significant difference in the odds of a spayed bitch having Mammary Tumours than for entire bitches.

However, neutering (spaying and castration) was found to increase the odds of a Dachshund having skin allergies and autoimmune conditions. These were both statistically significant findings. Neutered Dachshunds (males and females) had twice the odds of having skin allergies and four times the odds of having an autoimmune condition.
We have previously reported that neutering, particularly when carried out before 6 months of age, increases the odds of a Dachshund having back disease (IVDD).

Find out more about the evidence published about the effects of neutering dogs.

Advice on Pet Insurance

£800 average vet bills!

We've added an insurance advice page on our Dachshund IVDD website.

If your dog ever suffers from a back problem, veterinary treatment could be very expensive. For severe cases, most vets will want to carry out some diagnostic imaging (e.g. MRI, CT or Myelogram) and/or refer you to a Specialist. The average cost of treatment, including MRI and surgery,  was £5000 from a small survey on our website.

We strongly recommend that you either take out an insurance policy before your dog needs any treatment or ensure you have adequate funds available to pay for treatment if the worst happens.

Some Referral Specialists offer payment plans to help you spread the cost of treatment but do not assume this will be possible in every case.

If you are considering insuring your Dachshund, do your research into the different types of policy available. According to one survey, 1 in 3 owners had their claims declined because their policy simply didn't provide the cover they thought it would. The Telegraph published this useful Pet Insurance Guide

According to This is money, insurance cover costs an average of £261 per year depending on age, breed, and health. Average vet bills for people without insurance were £810, according to their survey.

Registration of Recessive Coats

Is this a First?

Corinne Ward-Blower writes:

I have Metokaf Jorgie Girl at Willowmist, a Mini Wire Dachshund and the last of the Metocaf breeding, who turned out to be very nice, but a "Recessive Smooth". 
Although she is now 11 years old, I have just re-registered her, under the brand new KC criteria, as a Mini SMOOTH Dachshund. I took her to the Manchester Championship Show on 19th January where she was given a First and Best Veteran Bitch, in Mini SMOOTH Dachshund. To say we were pleased is an under-statement. I really do think this is a First. 

Congratulations Corinne.

The Breed Council's Health Committee agreed with the KC that registering Recessive Coats correctly was a logical move. We believe that this should only be permitted if the available health tests have been done.

In the case of Recessive Smooths from Mini Wire litters, we beleive it is ESSENTIAL that only Lafora clear dogs should be allowed to be re-registered. We do not want to introduce the Lafora mutation into the Mini Smooth gene pool.

The same principle should also apply to imported dogs from countries where inter-variety or inter-size matings are allowed. All the relevant screening tests should be carried out.

Other news in brief...

Sporting behaviour

A reminder of our Code of Ethics:
  1. As a judge I will act with courtesy and integrity to all exhibitors, I will judge according to the standard of points and will consider as part of my decisions the temperament and physical condition of the dogs judged. In particular, exhibits which appear thin and undernourished should be seriously penalised.
  2. As an exhibitor I will enjoy and applaud other people’s success, be welcoming to newcomers and ensure as far as I am able that my dogs behave quietly at a show.

Judging Miniature Dachshunds

A reminder to judges that dogs that exceed the desired maximum weight in the Breed Standard CANNOT be disqualified or asked to leave the ring, purely on the basis of their weight.

Resources for breeders

The Kennel Club Academy has added 3 new FREE resources:
  • Canine Pregnancy – Presented by Angelika Von Heimendahl
  • Whelping and Rearing A Litter of Puppies – Featuring Kennel Club Assured Breeders Angie Townsend (breeder of Labrador Retrievers) and Jane Newport (breeder of Parson Russell Terriers
  • Preparing Puppies for Future Life – Featuring Kennel Club Assured Breeders Angie Townsend (breeder of Labrador Retrievers) and Jane Newport (breeder of Parson Russell Terriers)

Find out how to participate in our subsidised IVDD Screening Programme.

Dates for your diary

Lafora Screening
The next Lafora Screening session for Mini Wires will take place in Lichfield, Staffordshire on March 29th.
To book a place, please contact Sue Holt or Nora Price.

Dogs taking part in this day will also be asked to provide cheek swabs to help with the development of a Lafora test by the AHT.

Crufts 2017
Crufts will be held on 9-12th March 2017. Dachshunds will be on Thursday 9th March.
The Midland Dachshund Club team will, once again, be organising the Dachshund booths at Discover Dogs so visitors can meet Dachshunds on all 4 days of the show.
Fit, Fitter, Fittest: Hounds R Us 22nd April 2017
The Afghan Hound Association will be holding an informal day near Newbury, Berkshire to ask whether our hounds are "fit for function", whatever the function. The day includes guest speakers from Afghans, Whippets and Bloodhounds, plus a hound trailing demo and fun classes.
Booking details from Susan Rhodes 01233 770256

Rescue and Welfare

Dachshund Rescue
The independent rescue and welfare charity for UK Dachshunds. Website here. Temporary help for owners is provided by Daxaid.

February 2017

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