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2018 Calendar to support IVDD Research

243 pictures of Dachshunds!

Do you have a 2018 Calendar? Order a 2018 Dachshund Calendar now.

Proceeds after costs will be donated to the Breed Council's IVDD fund/research (Intervertebral Disk Disease).

The calendar features pictures of 243 lovely dachshunds from various dachshund Facebook Groups. Also featured are well-known celebrity dachshunds, Instagram dachshunds, dachshunds that have suffered IVDD and dachshunds that have sadly gone to Rainbow Bridge.

1000 copies are being printed. The price is £10 per calendar, plus Postage & Packing to a UK address of £3 (per calendar). For 2 calendars, add an extra £1 p&p.

If you would like more than 2 copies, please ask for further details by emailing

Order online here.

Latest Mini Wire Dachshund Lafora Results

Autumn 2017 Trend

The Autumn KC Breed Records Supplement contains the latest Lafora DNA Screening results for Mini Wires. We are grateful to Mandy Dance for analysing the litter records to identify those which are "safe" and "unsafe".

This Quarter, 88% of litters were safe, with no risk of Lafora-affected puppies. In total 51 litters produced 180 puppies.
28 litters producing 102 puppies were all clear; there were 6 litters producing 16 puppies where neither parent was tested.

There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to be breeding litters at risk of including Lafora-affected puppies. The Wirehaired Dachshund Club advertises screening sessions and you can book a place by contacting Sue Holt.

Read more about Recommended Health Screening for Dachshunds.

KC or not KC?

Does KC Registration matter if you "only want a pet"?

Gill Key, Pet Advisor to the Breed Council's Health Committee, writes...

As an active member of a number of Dachshund related Facebook groups, I regularly see passionate discussions about whether or not puppy buyers should insist on buying a Kennel Club registered dog. Inevitably, there are always responses from owners and breeders of non-KC dachshunds who are understandably defensive about much-loved pets. In one respect, they are right: there are plenty of lovely non-KC dachshunds and, as a general rule, they are cheaper than registered dogs (though not always), However, although buying a Kennel Club registered puppy is not a guarantee of buying a healthy dog that will enjoy a long and happy life, doing so can dramatically reduce the risk of ending up with a poorly dog, big vet bills and disappointment.

Gill has written an article for our Health website with lots of good reasons for buying a KC Registered puppy.

Read the full article here.

Did you know: 20% of puppies bought from pet shops or directly from the internet suffer from parvovirus, an often fatal disease which can cost up to £4,000 to treat (2014 Kennel Club PAW survey).

Would you recognise Pes Varus?
Angular Limb Deformity in Dachshunds

Pes varus is a Latin term that combines pes (foot) and varus (inward). It is a bone deformity where the distal tibia is turned inward toward the body. It occurs when the shinbone growth plate closes prematurely, causing asymmetrical growth of the tibia. It results in a bow-legged appearance and lameness. It is also known as Angular Limb Deformity.

In our 2015 UK Breed Health Survey, we had one case of PV reported from a sample of 2000 dogs. The condition is reported to have a prevalence of less than 1% in Dachshunds but is probably under-reported as it may simply be mistaken for "poor hind movement". It has been reported in all three coat varieties and both Standard and Miniature Dachshunds but UK cases have mostly been in Miniatures. This is a condition that judges should be aware of when assessing Dachshunds in the show ring.

We have created a Pes Varus page on our health website where you can see a YouTube clip of a Dachshund with PV and find out more about the condition.

If anyone has pictures or videos of a Dachshund with Pes Varus that they can share with us and give us permission to use, we would be grateful. Please email us.

If your Dachshund has been diagnosed with Pes Varus, please complete a Health Report.

Coefficients of Inbreeding

Latest KC data

The Kennel Club updates data for breed average Coefficients of Inbreeding each year. We've been tracking this since it was first published in 2011. Here's the summary of results for each of our six varieties of Dachshund:

The higher the CoI, the greater the probability (and risk) that two copies of a particular gene will be inherited from a common ancestor.  Wires continue to have the lowest Coefficient of Inbreeding and Longs, the highest. It is interesting to note how the COI for Mini Wires has reduced over the past 6 years. Read about our analysis of CoI and Lafora Disease here.  


Read the 2015 report on Dachshund Genetic Diversity here.

Download our Introductory Guide to Genetics (pdf) here.

Other news in brief...

RVC Epilepsy study - can you help?

The research team at the Royal Veterinary College is interested in recruiting dogs diagnosed with epilepsy. They invite owners of dogs with epilepsy aged over 6 months, of all breeds and cross-breeds to complete this survey to see if you might be eligible to participate in a new study of diet and epilepsy.

Still time to buy your IVDD Fund Christmas Cards
This year, Devoted to Dachshunds is raising money for research into IVDD and also for those dogs already sadly affected.  EVERY PENNY (the entire £5) from the sale of these lovely cards will be split between the Dachshund Breed Council's research into the condition and the charity, 'Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD' which raises money for rehabilitation, wheelchairs and strollers.

Join our IVDD Facebook Support Group
We now have over 2000 members in our Support Group which provides advice and reassurance to owners of Dachshunds with IVDD. Join here or search for VITALDachshundIVDD.

Video - grooming a Wirehaired Dachshund
Mandy Dance's presentation at the Wirehaired Dachshund Club's 4/11/17 Seminar is available on YouTube. She explains how to groom, trim and present a Wirehaired Dachshund's coat.


Dates for your diary

Dachshund of the Year

Dachshund of the Year will be held at the Yew Tree Lodge Hotel, Kegworth, Derby on 27th January. Further details from Linda Coverley:
Breed Seminar and Mentoring Day

The Midland Dachshund Club would like to invite you to a Mentoring day. This is an opportunity to go over a number Dachshunds with some of the country’s leading Dachshund Mentors. Sunday 7th January 2018

Rescue and Welfare

Dachshund Rescue
The independent rescue and welfare charity for UK Dachshunds. Website here. Temporary help for owners is provided by Daxaid.

December 2017

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