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March 2021

We've had over 4000 responses to our 2021 breed health survey.

Our DachsLife 2018 survey results showed that skin allergies/conditions were the second most prevalent condition that affected Dachshunds. The Dachshund Breed Council and The Kennel Club have created this survey together to gain a better understanding of the different skin and coat conditions that affect the breed.

It’s important to understand which dogs are not affected, so please complete it, even if they haven’t had skin conditions. The results will help pinpoint where further research is needed.  

This survey is for dogs that may currently be living or who have, sadly, passed away. Please complete one survey per Dachshund that you own/have previously owned.

We recommend completing this survey on a desktop computer or laptop. All personal information given will be kept confidential and be presented anonymously.

The survey is open to all Dachshunds, whether in the UK or elsewhere. If you have a cross-variety Dachshund, we're still interested in your dog's health.

In 2018, we had over 2,500 responses. Please help us beat that in DachsLife 2021.

Read the full version of our 2020 Breed Health Report at:

Blind dogs enabled!

Like humans, all dogs have the potential to suffer from eye diseases, some of which can result in blindness. As with humans, some of these eye conditions are inherited, while others may be the result of trauma or ageing. For example, in Miniature Dachshunds, we know there is an inherited form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) for which a DNA test exists and responsible breeders have been using this test to avoid producing affected puppies for more than 15 years. In our 2018 breed health survey (DachsLife 2018) around 2% of dogs were reported as having gone blind. The majority of these were dogs aged 9 or older, so these were likely to be a result of old age, rather than some inherited condition.
Read the blog post here.

The most common health problem in dogs is dental disease

A new study from the Royal Veterinary College has found that the most common health problem in dogs is dental disease, closely followed by ear infections and obesity. 

The study was part of the RVC’s VetCompass programme which include anonymised veterinary information from over eight million UK dogs. From this pool, a random sample of 22,333 dogs were followed for a year, identifying all health issues that were diagnosed during this time.

The study is one of the largest ever studies to explore the anonymised health records from veterinary surgeries and report on the most common disorders in dogs. The study also looked at whether the health of dogs varied by age, sex and whether the dogs were neutered.

The main findings were:

  • The most common health problems of dogs are dental disease (12.5%), ear infection (7.3%) and obesity (7.1%)
  • 65.8% of the observed dogs had at least one disorder in the single year of the study
  • Male dogs had higher risk than females for 10 disorders: ear infection, aggression, coughing, seizures, foreign body, drug reaction, moist dermatitis, wound, laceration and arthritis
  • Female dogs had higher risk than males for four disorders: urinary incontinence, urinary tract infection, mammary lump and overgrown nails
  • The study showed that health in dogs generally deteriorates as dogs age, with older dogs generally having more health problems per year than younger dogs.
A massive "THANK YOU" to the Red Foundation for their generous donation of £1000 to Dachshund Health UK.
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Chances to learn - Upcoming Seminars

Details of rescheduled dates for seminars will be announced in future newsletters. 

The Pet Professionals' online courses are designed to help responsible pet owners improve their knowledge on how to look after their pet. Written by qualified professionals, their online courses guide you, at your own pace, though your learning.

The buying and owning a Dachshund course provides you with the key things you need to know before buying and how to take best care of your pet. You can watch the taster videos from the clips below.

Naturally Happy Dogs - now on YouTube!

Get FREE videos to train and entertain both you and your dog, now on YouTube! Exercise their brain as much as their body. Teach a trick, learn something new, change or teach a behaviour.

Thank you for supporting our charity: Dachshund Health UK

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Everyone who has supported DHUK during February: Andrew Rourke, Susan Field, Deborah Hayward, Kev Matthews, Ashley Metcalfe, Georgina Welcher, Merete Stringfellow, Raymond Snape, Lucy Tregarthen, Alison Watson.

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Do you know someone with a Dachshund with IVDD? Recovery can be long and painful for both dog (and owner) so why not let them know that you're thinking of them with this lovely 'Got Your Back' sausage dog card? Cards are available, either singly or in packs of 5 (get 5 cards for the price of 4).

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NB The entire purchase price of these cards will be donated to the Dachshund Breed Council's IVDD research fund.

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