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August 2021

Our 2021 Health Survey was open to all UK and non-UK Dachshunds. and we had around 10,000 responses. This month, our infographic (below) summarises the findings on the health issues associated with neutering.

You can find the full reports online. There are 4 infographics and a slide presentation on that page.

£200 subsidy available on our IVDD screening programme

You can watch the launch webcast at:

This approach to IVDD screening is based on 30+ years of research and experience. The Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) were among the first to adopt IVDD screening and it was also launched in Germany last year.

Read about the IVDD research from the Danish Dachshund Club and Danish KC.

Breed Council meeting 4th July 2021

The Council met on 4th July and held its AGM as well as its first face-to-face meeting since 2019.

The clubs agreed an amendment to the colour clause in the Breed Standard (and the associated registration colour lists). This has now been submitted to the KC for approval and details will be published once approval has been confirmed. 

Clubs also agreed to write to the KC with the evidence from our DachsLife 2021 survey showing the increased risk of skin diseases (colour dilution alopecia, in particualr) in dilute coloured dogs (blue and isabella). We will be requesting these dogs should not be permitted for registration because of their health risks.

The council has also written to the KC to ask for changes to the registration system, including DNA parentage profiling, to protect the integrity of registrations.

IVDD Recovery - new research - more dogs needed.

Professor John Innes and Dr Mark Lowrie are developing a client-reported outcomes measure tool for dogs with spinal cord injuries. Such tools are common in human medicine and some exist in veterinary medicine - for example, one for dogs with osteoarthritis is now used widely used.

Veterinary neurologists have typically taken the dichotomous view of 'success'/'failure' in spinal cord injury as "walking" or "not walking". However, it is much more complex than that and many walking dogs will have residual deficits.

This survey is for owners of Dachshunds that have suffered a previous episode of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) at least 6 months previously and recovered, but with residual deficits.

The aim is to produce a standardised tool for vets to use to assess the extent of recovery from IVDD. This is important so that the efficacy of different treatment options can be compared in the future. The data from this survey will inform the first stage of development of such a tool.

The survey does not ask for any data about you, just your dog.

Inclusion criteria are:

1. A serious intervertebral disc episode (causing neurological deficits) at least 6 months ago

2. Dogs with residual (remaining) functional impairment at whatever degree - even very minor is fine

Britain's Puppy Boom - counting the cost

Vet Fabian Rivers presents this BBC Three documentary, exploring how the pandemic has triggered a boom in demand for puppies, particularly in three dog breeds - Bullies, Frenchies and Dachshunds. 

Through the documentary he investigates the complex worlds of these three dog breeds as he explores why there is a boom in people buying and breeding ‘popular’ dogs, questions whether it is causing an animal welfare crisis and asks what can be done to help alleviate the problems? 

Congratulations to the Red Foundation for their brief appearance with Jamie Gregg explaining the importance of buyers doing their research and the importance of training.

Health Committee member Bryony Fossett was also interviewed for the programme but "ended up on the cutting room floor". We hope to be able to get copies of her section and permission to share it on social media.

The Kennel Club Health and Welfare Conference 2021

The Conference will be held at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2LD on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September 2021. The start time will be 09:30 and will finish at 17:00. Bringing together experts in dog health, breed community representatives, judges and owners, to share knowledge and open up discussion on pertinent topics in dog health, to bring about collaboration and improve the health, well-being and welfare of dogs now and in the future.
Booking/Registration here.

DBRG Symposium 2021

The Dog Breeding Reform Group is holding a symposium about hereditary and breed-related skin problems in dogs on Sunday 7th November 2021 in Guildford.

The symposium is for vets, vet students, dog owners, dog breeders, vet nurses, breed health co-ordinators, dog welfare organisations, and anyone interested in canine welfare.

Booking details here.

Raise donations for Dachshund Health UK whenever you shop online.

Chances to learn - Upcoming Seminars

Details of rescheduled dates for seminars will be announced in future newsletters. 

The Pet Professionals' online courses are designed to help responsible pet owners improve their knowledge on how to look after their pet. Written by qualified professionals, their online courses guide you, at your own pace, though your learning.

The buying and owning a Dachshund course provides you with the key things you need to know before buying and how to take best care of your pet. You can watch the taster videos from the clips below.

Naturally Happy Dogs - now on YouTube!

Get FREE videos to train and entertain both you and your dog, now on YouTube! Exercise their brain as much as their body. Teach a trick, learn something new, change or teach a behaviour.

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Do you know someone with a Dachshund with IVDD? Recovery can be long and painful for both dog (and owner) so why not let them know that you're thinking of them with this lovely 'Got Your Back' sausage dog card? Cards are available, either singly or in packs of 5 (get 5 cards for the price of 4).

Order from Selina Knox at 

NB The entire purchase price of these cards will be donated to the Dachshund Breed Council's IVDD research fund.

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