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December 2019

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£200 IVDD Christmas Screening Subsidy

Thanks to some very generous donations to our charity (Dachshund Health UK), we are able to offer a limited number of additional subsidies for IVDD Screening. For a limited time and on a first come, first served basis, we can offer a £200 subsidy. The full cost of screening through our partner vets is £300 and we normally offer a £100 discount. We also pay for the cost of scoring the X-rays. 

If you wish to use your own vet, you can still receive a subsidy from us. Your Dachshund must be aged 24-48 months and you plan to breed with him/her.
Find out more about screening for IVDD risk.
View the latest UK screening results.

Email us to apply for your £200 IVDD Screening Subsidy (please include details of your dog's age and which variety of Dachshund it is)

New Health Committee appointment

At its recent meeting, the Dachshund Breed Council approved the recommendation of the Health Committee to appoint Bryony Fossett to the Committee

Bryony has been involved with dachshunds all her life and started showing at 5 years old. Since then, she has shown all over the UK and Europe in both major breed and handling competitions to some big successes, whilst as a family has bred litters of standard longs and is now awaiting her first litter of miniature smooths.

Bryony is now in her second year of studying veterinary medicine and is currently learning about many pathological cases so is gaining more and more information about the kind of diseases affecting dogs and dachshunds in particular. 

Advice for buyers

We've added a new infographic to our website to help potential buyers recognise the different types of breeder they may come across.

2020 Calendars - raising funds for Dachshund Health

Leprima Dachshunds 2020 calendar.  With 25% of profits going to “Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD”, a charity organisation set up to help dogs that suffer from Intervertebral disc disease.

New Stem Cell Research Project 

There's a new Stem Cell research project at the RVC and they are looking for volunteer dogs that are paralysed as a result of IVDD.

Here are the latest Lafora Disease screening results and trends for Mini Wire Dachshunds from the Autumn 2019 Breed Records Supplement. 98% of puppies and litters are "safe", i.e. no risk of an Affected puppy being born.

KC/BVA Eye Screening Results

The Dachshund Club hosted a clinical eye screening session at their Championship Show on 16th November at the KC Building, Stoneleigh. Prof. Peter Bedford was the panel eye specialist who carried out the screening.

Our charity, Dachshund Health UK, offered subsidies to Dachshund owners so the cost of this test was just £20

Examination under the Eye Scheme is not restricted to the identification of inherited eye disease, but also includes general assessment of the health of the eye and adnexa (eyelids, tear ducts and other parts around the eye ball).

Peter Bedford reported: I examined the eyes of 30 minis and 4 standard dachs. All the dogs were clear for retinal disease and apart from 3 minis with distichiasis (of no clinical significance) no other ocular or adnexal problems were found. With PRA in the history of the MLH, awareness of this blinding disease is essential and the regular checking of the breeding stock is advisable. Recessively inherited disease can skip generations but DNA testing can detect carrier stock and awareness of emerging potentially inherited ocular disease should prompt regular eye checks.

Read more about eye disease in Dachshunds.

The Breed Council recommends breeders should carry out clinical eye testing (KC/BVA/ISDS) to check for conditions in addition to cord1 PRA. Read more here about why this is important.

What to expect when you take your dog for an eye examination.

Breed Health and Conservation Plans 2019
Our Breed Health and Conservation Plans have been updated by the Kennel Club, following discussions with our Breed Health Coordinator. You can download the breed health information and Action Plan here.

This year, Devoted to Dachshunds is again raising money for research into IVDD and also for those dogs already sadly affected with the disease. In addition to Christmas Cards, there's a "Let's wipe out IVDD" tea towel. Thanks to Joy Fitzsimmons from London Pooch for the design. 

EVERY PENNY from the sale of these will be split between the Dachshund Breed Council's research into the condition and the charity, 'Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD' which raises money for rehabilitation, wheelchairs and strollers.  There is a choice of 6 designs. Thank you again to Selina Knox for her support.
Click here to order.

THANK YOU to all the members of East Hants Dachshund Group

Larissa Carey writes: EHDG's charity event took place on Sunday 22nd Sept. We had an amazing time with over 50 Daxies in attendances who enjoyed the Dog show, have a go activities as well shopping for the Pawrents! 
The Silent auction was a brilliant way for us to display the lovely prizes and donations as well as create some bidding wars for those items. The day overall was a great success albeit a little stressful on my part on the run up towards it and the hours beforehand but that’s the nature of event organisation! 
We have totaled up most of the money from the stalls, ticket sales, dog show, silent auction and the activities. I am very happy to say we managed to smash our five hundred pound target easily!

Raising a total of £850 for Dachshund Health UK

You can also support Dachshund Health UK by donating via PayPal:

Thank you for supporting our charity: Dachshund Health UK

A big shout out to:

The family of the late Gina Hardy who raised £900 for IVDD from a sale of Gina's beautiful canine artwork.
Find out about IVDD Screening
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Dates for your diary...

Skinners Canine Science Conference - 26/3/19 - Stoneleigh
Dachshund Club Breed Appreciation Day - 19/4/19 - Cambs.

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Do you know someone with a Dachshund with IVDD? Recovery can be long and painful for both dog (and owner) so why not let them know that you're thinking of them with this lovely 'Got Your Back' sausage dog card? Cards are available, either singly or in packs of 5 (get 5 cards for the price of 4).

Order from Selina Knox at 

NB The entire purchase price of these cards will be donated to the Dachshund Breed Council's IVDD research fund.

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