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Stoneleigh Pet Show

Hot sausages in Warwickshire!

The weekend was very hot, and very busy, but very worthwhile, with well over 200 inquisitive current, and would-be, Dachshund owners asking for advice … or just coming to have cuddles over the two days.

Yet again, huge thanks are due to the team of volunteers who manned the DBC stand at the Pet Show at Stoneleigh in the West Midlands on 23rd/24th July.  Special thanks go to:

  • Sarah Treadwell-Whitlock and Jayne Yardley-Gosney, who managed the team on Saturday and Sunday respectively, as well as setting up and dismantling it (Sarah also hand-made the wonderful sausage-themed bunting, and her teenage children were valuable additional helpers on the day)
  • Iona Philips for arranging delivery of the banners and leaflets and doing her stint on the stand
  • Catherine Jeremiah, Bev Campbell, Sarah Austin, Judy Mitchell, Caroline Gudgeon, some of whom travelled from as far afield as Swansea and Liverpool to help out, and Fleur Stewart-Smith, who stepped in at the last minute when our Standard dachshund representative on the very small stand was taken ill
  • Last but not least, all the delightful dogs who were incredibly well behaved . … and very tired by the end of the day.
More photographs here.

Scottish DC Fundraising

£1000 donation to Genome Project

Christine Russell, Secretary of the Scottish Dachshund Club writes:

In memory of our past Patron Mrs Jean McNaughton, the Scottish Dachshund Club is happy to give £1000 to the ‘Give a Dachshund a Genome fund’ within the ‘Dachshund Breed Council Health Fund’. This is for research into the Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund which would have been Jean’s first choice. To fund this donation we are planning a few events the first of which is a Dachshund Fun day in August.

This event will include a Fun Show, Racing, and Health and Welfare literature and will culminate in the Dachshund Forest Walk. Hopefully this will be the beginning of an annual event to promote positive Dachshund Ownership within the pet community. We are acutely aware of the rise in Dachshund popularity over the recent years and anticipate a rise in the level of Rescue activity within the club. Bearing this in mind the more we know about the Dachshund the better position we will be in to produce healthier puppies.

Contact Christine for more details.

World's largest Dachshund Walk

20th August - Ogmore-by-Sea, South Wales

Charlotte Baldwin, organiser of the event writes:

Over 600 people have signed up for the event but it is difficult to estimate numbers of Dachshunds who will turn up on the day. Overflow parking has been arranged at Ogmore-by-Sea, if needed, and there will be a small charge to make a contribution to the landowner for use of his land. It's also suitable for overnight parking for campervans. There is also local pay and display parking. The support and generosity has been overwhelming and I am so grateful to all."

11-12.30 registration for competitions and purchasing raffle tickets. Admission fee £5 per family.
12.30 - 4 competitions. Amazing prizes being donated by members and companies. The mass walk starts at 4 pm and will be led by the Dachshunds with IVDD and Dachshunds from Dachshund Rescue.

The event is being filmed by the BBC for a programme called Glamorgan Coastal Lives.

All money raised will be shared between Charlotte's GoFundMe page Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD and Dachshund Rescue.

Further information on Facebook at Sausage Dog Walks South Wales UK

World Union Teckel 2016

Report of annual meeting


We are grateful to Minna Hagan (ECDA Secretary) for sharing the report of the WUT’s Annual Meeting

The WUT is a worldwide voluntary association of clubs for Teckels/Dachshunds belonging to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) or who have an association agreement with the FCI. The WUT was founded in 1992. It has 25 member countries

The annual meeting of the Welt Union Teckel was held in Vantaa, Helsinki on 13th Feb 2016. You can read the full report here. It contains updates from each of the member countries on their local registrations and activities. There is also an interesting discussion on the Breed Standard and unacceptable colours.

Cord1 PRA Update

Latest research from the AHT

An association between a mutation in the gene RPGRIP1 and cone-rod dystrophy (CORD1) in Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Genomics in 2006.  The original research that established this association was undertaken with a very inbred colony of dogs that all descended from a small number of animals. In the original colony of dogs there was absolute correlation between genotype and CORD1 phenotype.

Following the original publication it became apparent that there was considerable variation in the age of onset of disease in dogs that carried two copies of the mutation, indicating (an) additional modifying gene(s) might be involved in determining the age of onset of the condition.

Additional studies provided firm evidence of a second, modifying, gene that influences the effects of the RPGRIP1 mutation. Identification of the additional mutation has been the subject of intense research over the last few years and earlier this year reached a successful conclusion with the identification of a mutation in a second gene, called MAP9, which acts as an age of onset modifier of the RPGRIP1 mutation. Details of this modifier mutation have recently been published. By the end of 2016 the AHT hopes to modify the CORD1 DNA test to take into account the new understanding of CORD1 in Dachshunds. As soon as the new test is available full information will appear on their website.


Dr Rowena Packer wins UFAW Award

Dachshund reseacher recognised for her welfare work

UFAW's Young Animal Welfare Scientist of the Year Award has been given to Dr Rowena Packer, a Clinical Investigations Postdoctoral Researcher at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). 

The UFAW Young Animal Welfare Scientist of the Year Award recognises the achievements of young scientists who have made significant contributions to improving the welfare of animals.

Rowena has shown a talent for quantitative research, which she has applied to her animal welfare research. Her PhD has raised awareness of the links between extreme conformation and inherited diseases in dogs, including Dachshunds, and her findings have been featured in a number of high profile publications.

Rowena has worked with the dog breeding community in sharing her research and she presented at our Neurology Seminar in 2014.  She continues to work alongside breeders and breed clubs to facilitate research that will ultimately reduce the frequency and severity of breed-related disorders in dogs. She has recently been working with the Dachshund Breed Council's Health Committee on an analysis of the DachsLife 2105 Health Survey.

Rowena was presented with her award at the UFAW Conference ‘Recent Advances in Animal Welfare Science’ held in York on 23rd June. 

Congratulations to Rowena.

News in brief...

Health Fund

A big thank you to Hans Kjaersgaard who has donated £100 as a result of selling Dachshund Car Stickers. Contact Hans if you would like one: Smooth, Long or Wire.

Dachshunds in the Kennel Gazette
The KC's Kennel Gazette will feature Miniature Smooth Dachshunds as the breed of the month, in October. Make sure you get your copy to find out who the panel of contributors nominate as their Best Mini Smooths.

Alabama Rot Warning
Something nasty appears to be lingering in the countryside and it is a danger to our dogs. Alabama Rot has made the headlines in most of the daily papers over the last four years but what do we know about it? Read more...

Dates for your diary

Lafora Screening Day
The next Lafora Screening Day is planned for 21/9/16 and will be held at Lichfield in the West Midlands.

To book a place, please contact Sue Holt or Nora Price.
Crufts 2017

The Kennel Club has announced the qualification criteria for Crufts 2017.

The closing dates for postal entries for Crufts 2017 will be Monday 9th January 2017, but those entering online will be able to do so until Monday 23rd January 2016. Any dog which qualifies for Crufts 2017 after 9th January 2017 may only be entered online. Crufts will be held on 9-12th March 2017. Dachshunds will be on 9th March.

Rescue and Welfare

Dachshund Rescue
The independent rescue and welfare charity for UK Dachshunds. Website here. Temporary help for owners is provided by Daxaid.

August 2016

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