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Dachshunds at Discover Dogs

Crufts 2017

Thank you to the Midland Dachshund Club who organised the helpers at Discover Dogs. A huge thank you to everyone who brought their dogs and worked so hard to educate the public about our breed.

Read Brenda Jones's touching story of one young visitor who had a cuddle with one of her Standard Smooths.

Ian Smith from the Midland DC said “Fleur and I did a stint on the Sunday and it was a great experience again. There is nothing like talking all day about your dogs and seeing them interact with so many members of the public, including a large number of children. All the children we came across were well behaved and seemed to enjoy their experiences with our charges. For me, it is one of the most gratifying occasions we have with our dogs.”

Dachtastic Obreedience Success

3rd place at Crufts 2017

Sarah Bartlett writes: Dachtastic is a small team of Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds and with their respective humans we all compete in a relatively new dog sport called Obreedience.

The purpose of Obreedience is to encourage more breeds to ‘have a go’ at some of the tests associated with competitive obedience but in a less formal competitive environment.

At the end of the final heat (which was at LKA) we were overjoyed to find that we were the top hound team, and 4th in the points table overall.  Despite this we didn’t get the final confirmation from the KC until mid January and then it was all go go go to get ready!

Other teams that made it to the final were Cairn Terriers, Jack Russels, Cavalier King Charles, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Cirneco Del Etna, Giant Schnauzers, Pyrenean sheep dogs and Manchester Terriers.

Placings were 1-4, 1st GSDs, 2nd Jack Russells, 3rd Dachtastic & 4th Cairn terriers!

There was only ¼ of a point difference between us and the Jack Russells in 2nd place.

It was an absolute honour to be invited to show off how amazing the Dachshund is, at Crufts and on hound and terrier day no less! We were all shocked and ecstatic to be placed so high and above some more common and considered ‘more trainable’ breeds.

Read the full story, here.

If anyone is interested in competing in Obreedience, there is a Facebook group ‘All things Obreedience’.


Mini Wire Lafora Screening

40 more dogs screened

Nora Price, Sue Holt and Mandy Dance ran another Lafora Screening session at Pool House Veterinary Hospital, Litchfield on 29th March.

Blood samples were taken from 41 dogs: 40 Dachshunds and a Basset Hound. Of these, 1 person sent blood from Hungary, 1 from Germany and 2 from France.

Lafora Screening is mandatory for members of the KC's Assured Breeder Scheme and is expected to be done by all Breed Club members in order to comply with our Code of Ethics.

Find out more about Lafora Disease in Mini Wire Dachshunds.

Dachshund book review 

UK breeders contributed to new breed book

Expert dog whisperer and trainer, Alex Seymour, writes in a fun and entertaining way about Dachshunds while 40 expert breeders were actively involved in making contributions. You will literally find this book packed full of useful quotes giving advice and tips from the world’s top Dachshund breeders.

When you buy this book you will also get a free gift from us which are the bonus interviews we conducted with some of the breeders who were involved in the making of this Dachshund book. There just wasn’t space in the main book for these!

This is the perfect book for you if you love the Dachshund, just some of the subjects covered in our owner’s guide include: origins and history, keeping your vet bills down, how to help your Dachshund live longer, colours, buying a dog or puppy, male or female, rescue, breeders, personality, socialization, spaying, neutering, house/potty training, bringing your puppy home, grooming, combing, bathing, health, vaccinations, training, understanding your Dachshund, play and toys, what food and nutrition, old age and what to expect, and much more.

Available from

Other news in brief...

Joshie's stem cell trial

Read about a stem cell trial recently carried out in Australia. Joshie suffered 2 prolapsed discs in 2014 and was recruited into the trial in 2015. Although, in this case, the trial wasn't successful, this is part of a worldwide research effort and there have been successes here in the UK.

IVDD Screening
Find out how to participate in our subsidised IVDD Screening Programme.
IVDD Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation following an IVDD incident, with either conservative or surgical treatment, is a key topic of discussion on our IVDD Facebook Group.

We are grateful to Dr Marianne Dorn who is working with us to create a comprehensive guide to rehabilitation. Join our Facebook Group and look out for her advice which will be published soon.

Marianne is the Rehab Vet.


Radical revision of judge training and CC appointment process

In 2016, Dachshunds were identified as one of 8 so-called “failing breeds” by the Kennel Club, who claimed there was an over-allocation of Challenge Certificates, given the level of show entries. The Breed Council responded to this by setting up a joint working party which has now reached agreement with the KC on actions to address two key issues: judges' training and approvals of judges for CC appointments.

Judges’ Training:

With effect from April 1st, all aspiring Dachshund CC judges will be required to lead a breed seminar where they will present the breed standard and demonstrate how to go over a dog. The underlying principle is "if you can teach it, you can judge it". The audience must comprise at least 25 people who do not own Dachshunds and they will vote (anonymously) at the end of the seminar on whether or not they believe the judge is competent. The KC will be developing a new online tool to enable the voting to take place. The tool: “Judging Official Knowledge Evaluation” has already been piloted and uses a simple 5-star voting system, similar to Amazon’s customer feedback approach. Those who achieve an audience rating of at least 4.5 will be deemed competent to award CCs.

First-time CC judging appointments:

The working party felt that a radical approach was required to ensure judges awarding CCs for the first time did so in a way where they could focus solely on the dogs. Therefore, all Breed Specialists will be given a first CC appointment in a breed other than their own. It has been agreed that this should be piloted in the 8 failing breeds. Dachshund breed specialists will be given their first CC appointment in Poodles. (Poodle judges will have their first appointment in Staffordshire Bull Terriers; i.e. each of the 8 failing breeds will be rotated alphabetically).

Annual appointment of judges to award CCs:

In order to ensure fairness in the appointment of CC judges, a new lottery-based system will be introduced. All approved judges will be allocated appointments randomly at championship shows. This will be done by a further new IT system that the KC is developing. There will, therefore, be no need for show societies to select judges, nor for judges to send their CVs to societies, asking for appointments. It is believed this will result in huge time savings for societies as they will no longer need judging sub-committees, nor will they need to collate judging lists. It is expected that the new IT system, “Fair Online Opportunity Listing System” will be available from 1st April 2018.

Comments and suggestions from stakeholders will be welcomed, prior to the Breed Council’s AGM. They should be emailed to

Dates for your diary

Fit, Fitter, Fittest: Hounds R Us 22nd April 2017
The Afghan Hound Association will be holding an informal day near Newbury, Berkshire to ask whether our hounds are "fit for function", whatever the function. The day includes guest speakers from Afghans, Whippets and Bloodhounds, plus a hound trailing demo and fun classes.
Booking details from Susan Rhodes 01233 770256

Rescue and Welfare

Dachshund Rescue
The independent rescue and welfare charity for UK Dachshunds. Website here. Temporary help for owners is provided by Daxaid.

April 2017

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