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Ban pet shops from selling puppies!

Dachshund owner launches petition

Vikki Novelle is a Dachshund owner who felt so strongly about the practice of pet shops selling puppies that she decided to do something about it. She writes:

Puppy_PetitionThere is a pet shop near me with a ‘puppy room’ with various breeds for sale. It is in the grounds of a garden centre and has been there for as long as I can remember.  To be honest, I have always thought in the back of my mind that it wasn’t ‘right’, but would then go home and forget about it.  This time though I could hear puppies crying behind a closed door and I couldn’t forget it. I started thinking about the ‘stock’ that the shop might have been keeping and where the puppies came from. What happens to the puppies that aren’t sold?

That evening I set up a petition to stop pet shops from selling puppies and keeping puppies as ‘stock’. We need 10,000 signatures for a response from the government and 100,000 for a debate in parliament.

All pet shops have to be granted licences from the council to sell puppies, but they don’t have to specify where they obtain the puppies from. This is surely the MOST IMPORTANT part of the whole process.  An RSPCA Inspector I spoke to said that many of the puppies come from puppy farms.  I understand that this is extremely difficult to monitor, however banning the sale of puppies in pet shops would be one less outlet for the puppy farmers to sell to and one less source of ‘reliable income’ for these breeders.

I hope that the dog lovers in the UK will support us and sign the petition.
Twitter: @puppy_petition

By the beginning of December there were 5600 signatures on the petition.

Halloweenie Fund-raiser

North-West group raises £150

The North West and Cheshire Dachshund Facebook groups held a group walk and coffee morning on Sunday 1st November in Lowton, Cheshire. They managed to raise £150 to donate to Lafora and IVDD research. 75 Dachshunds attended.

Gill Kelley-Allward who organised the event writes: “Thank you to all those that baked the fantastic cakes & biscuits, donated and generally just joined in. After paying our entrance fee to the Country Club we have raised an additional £150 which is absolutely amazing. The obvious doggy charities to donate to are the Lafora fund for research into the disease that affects Mini Wires and also the IVDD research fund. The money will be split 50/50. Thank you, you all make the group the massive success it is.”

On behalf of the Breed Council, we’d like to add our thanks to everyone who participated, for your generosity.

Code of Ethics

Dachshund Breed Clubs' Code updated

The Breed Council has received confirmation from the Kennel Club that proposals for changes to the member clubs' Code of Ethics have been approved.

The changes were drafted by the Breed Council's Health Committee and aim to:
  • bring the Code up-to-date to reflect current advice on health testing
  • align the advice on breeding practices more closely with the KC's Assured Breeder Scheme principles
All the points in our Code of Ethics should be self-explanatory and are aimed at ensuring Breed Club members demonstrate the highest standards of behaviour when breeding, judging and exhibiting and that the welfare of their dogs is of prime importance.

Clearly, a Code of Ethics is a guide and cannot be prescriptive in defining “serious hereditary faults” or the specific screening tests which should be carried out.

The Breed Council reviews and prioritises health and welfare issues which it considers to be of significance to the breed. Details of current priorities can be found on our health website and in our Health Reports and Information Leaflets.

The owners of Stud Dogs with any known hereditary condition have a particular responsibility not to allow a dog to be used at stud if it is likely that its offspring will also suffer from that condition. Conditions such as Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Cushings, Entropion and IVDD where there are no current screening programmes clearly fall into this category.  Similarly, bitches affected with any of these conditions should not be bred from if it is likely that their puppies will also be affected.

Where screening tests are available and recommended by the Breed Council, Breed Club members are expected to make use of them and act on the results in accordance with the latest advice from our Health and Welfare Sub-committee.

Cord1 testing is an Assured Breeder Scheme Requirement for all MLHDs, MSHDs and MWHDs. Lafora Testing is an Assured Breeder Scheme Requirement for all MWHDs.

Sausage Army Calendar 2016

All profits go to our Health Fund

The #SausageArmy gang over on Twitter have all got together and created another fabulous sausage crazy calendar for 2016.

@Fonz_ on Twitter says "A lot of our pals have had back problems or sight loss this year, through these on-line communities Twitter & Instagram there is so much support and friendship through those tough times and so much crazy fun during the good times we thought it would be good to put together the calendar to raise funds for the Breed Council health research - last year we raised nearly £100 and this year we are hoping to triple that. If you would like to get your paws on one of these and help this great cause please follow the details below to order."

#SausageArmy 2016
UK - £10/each incl P&P
USA/Aus - £15/each incl P&P
Europe - £12/each incl P&P
Order and payment via PayPal to
Please enter full postal address in comments box.

All profits will go to the Breed Council for health research.

Dachshund Xmas Gifts
Thank you to Selina Knox for her generosity in donating 10% of Devoted to Dachshunds' December's sales to our IVDD Fund.
Loose Change Challenge
The Dachshund Club launched its Loose Change Challenge in aid of our Health Fund in November 2012. So far you have raised just over £1200. THANK YOU. Get your tin from Christine Furneaux.
Annual Health Report
We will be issuing our 2015 Health Report in January, so please submit details of any health issues your dogs have had, or causes of death.

December 2015

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