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World's largest Dog Walk

20th August - South Wales

Charlotte Baldwin, organiser of a record-breaking attempt to have the most dogs of one breed in a single walk, has confirmed the date and venue.

The walk will take place at Ogmore Beach in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales (Postcode CF32 0PH) on 20th August 2016. Registration begins at 12:00 noon and there is a charge of £5 per family which will go towards covering expenses for the day.

The current record is held by Yorkshire Terriers when 783 met for a walk in Mexico City.

So far, over 600 people have signed-up to attend, with many of them bringing more than one Dachshund. Charlotte says "Dachshunds are coming from all over the UK and all seem happy to make the journey, regardless of a world record. Hotels and camping are being booked and we have arranged for 2-3 acres of parking".

You can follow news of the event at the Sausage Dog Walks South Wales Facebook Group.

Have you joined your Breed Club?

More than just dog shows

In the latest edition of the Kennel Gazette, published by the Kennel Club, General Committee member Pat Sutton shared her views on the important role Breed Clubs play in securing the future of breeds.

She argues that Breed Clubs, particularly those based in a region, have a critical role to play in encouraging people to be involved in the diverse world of pedigree dogs.

In the Dachshund world, we have a dozen regional clubs, many of whom do what Pat describes as "a wonderful job of entertaining and encouraging all their members". We also have a selection of "national", "coat" and "size" clubs, so there really is something to appeal to every Dachshund owner.

This year, in addition to running shows, our Breed Clubs will have:
  • Organised the Dachshund booths at Discover Dogs (at Crufts and in London)
  • Run Breed Seminars and assessments for aspiring judges
  • Held Fun Days with mini agility, fun classes, lure racing and barbeques
  • Held Junior Handling competitions as part of their shows
  • Provided mentors for new breed judges
  • Organised fund-raising events to support breed health projects and Dachshund Rescue
Our Breed Clubs are not just about showing, so talk to your regional club's Secretary to find out what events they are organising and how to join. Breed Club Secretary contact details are here.

The KC Academy

Free educational resources for breeders

The Kennel Club Academy, launched at Crufts 2016, is the home of accessible online education to support people involved in the world of dogs. 

All the resources for breeders are free (you will need to sign-up for a KC Academy account first). The films currently available are:
  • Dog Breeding – Is it right for me? – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi & Dr Nick Blayney
  • Dog Breeding – Where to start – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi and Frank Kane
  • Getting started with Genes and Inheritance – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
  • Getting started with DNA Testing – Presented by Dr Cathryn Mellersh
  • Getting started with Simple and Complex Inherited Disorders – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
  • How to use Mate Select – Presented by Aimee Llewellyn-Zaidi
  • Getting started with Inbreeding and Selection – Presented by Dr Tom Lewis
  • Getting started with Estimated Breeding Values – Presented by Dr Tom Lewis
If you are a judge, a range of courses are available for an annual subscription of £26.

Is your dog over 3?

Take part in the RVC's Mature Dog Survey


The Royal Veterinary College is interested in the impact of dogs' health and training upon their behaviour. 

This survey will explore your dog's current health status (with different questions depending on current disorders), day-to-day behaviour and training.
The RVC is interested in both dogs affected by health conditions, and healthy dogs with no diagnosed health conditions. They invite owners of dogs aged over 3 years old, of all breeds and cross-breeds to complete this survey. 
The RVC would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire only once for each dog in your care. For your answers to be of use, you have to complete the full questionnaire, which is estimated to take 20 minutes. If you have any queries regarding the questions asked, please contact Dr Rowena Packer (

Over 1400 responses were received in the first week after the survey was launched and it will be open until the end of July 2016.

News in brief...

Titre Tests

New guidance from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) reported in Dog World means that unnecessary inoculations may no longer have to be carried out. This guidance is for boarding kennels and local authorities.

For the first time, the institute has accepted a titre blood test to show the dog’s level of immunity against infectious diseases, which could preclude unnecessary, but mandatory vaccinations.

This endorsement from some of the main veterinary and animal welfare bodies means that owners, whether kennelling their dogs or not, can be sure of the science supporting such a test.

Puppy mortality survey results

KC Assured Breeder Scheme members recently contributed to research looking into rates of puppy losses in the first three weeks of life (the neonatal period). The survey found that just under 50% of all litters born suffered puppy losses. A third of these deaths were due to stillbirths and the remainder died mainly in the first week of life. According to the results of this survey dog breeders can expect to lose 8% of puppies born alive in the neonatal period.

Dr. Scully’s study suggests that in the UK about half of all litters suffer losses, with nearer 9% stillborn and 8% lost by 21 days of age. All modern studies agree that the large majority of puppies that die will do so in the first week of life.

Read the KC's Press Release.

Dates for your diary

Lafora Screening Day
The next Lafora Screening Day is planned for 21/9/16 and will be held at Lichfield in the West Midlands.

To book a place, please contact Sue Holt or Nora Price.
Crufts 2017

The Kennel Club has announced the qualification criteria for Crufts 2017.

The closing dates for postal entries for Crufts 2017 will be Monday 9th January 2017, but those entering online will be able to do so until Monday 23rd January 2016. Any dog which qualifies for Crufts 2017 after 9th January 2017 may only be entered online. Crufts will be held on 9-12th March 2017. Dachshunds will be on 9th March.

Rescue and Welfare

Dachshund Rescue
The independent rescue and welfare charity for UK Dachshunds. Website here. Temporary help for owners is provided by Daxaid.

July 2016

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