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April 2014

4th EU-Africa Summit

EU, Africa Leaders Welcome Dialogue on Research and Innovation

European and African leaders have voiced support for the bi-regional policy dialogue on research and innovation in their declaration from the fourth EU-Africa Summit.

“We recognise that investment in research, science, technology and innovation is fundamental to achieve those objectives in particular, and to sustainable development of our societies in general,” the declaration says.
“With this in mind, we welcome the High Level Policy Dialogue on science, technology and innovation held between the two continents.”

Read the full declaration.

CAAST-Net Plus News & Events
Horizon 2020 East Africa Roadshow 
CAAST-Net Plus East Africa Roadshow
Dr Hassan Mshinda of Tanzania’s Commission for Science and Technology in conversation with the European Commission’s Stéphane Hogan during the Horizon 2020 East Africa Roadshow (20-24 January 2014). [Image credit: CAAST-Net Plus]
Earlier this year, CAAST-Net Plus journeyed through East Africa with colleagues from the IST-Africa project and the European Commission, to share information about the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and InnovationPresentations from the MalawiKenya, Uganda and Tanzania events are available for download. 

Our thanks are due to all collaborators, participants, and country hosts! For more photographs from these and other CAAST-Net Plus events, visit our Facebook page.
CAAST-Net Plus Diary

Joint IST-Africa CAAST-Net Plus Horizon 2020 Info Session
7 May, 2014 - Mauritius

CAAST-Net Plus Regional Workshop on Climate Change
28-30 May, 2014 - Rwanda

2nd CAAST-Net Plus Annual Meeting
17-19 June, 2014 - Portugal

Past Events

CAAST-Net Plus Workshop on Climate Change in Southern Africa 
5-6 December, 2013 - Malawi

CAAST-Net Plus Welcomed in Ghana 
4-6 November, 2013 - Ghana

CAAST-Net Plus Workshops on Climate Change and Research Infrastructures 
25-27 June, 2013 - Ethiopia

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Reports and Papers

CAAST-Net Plus Magazine

The CAAST-Net Plus Magazine is published bi-annually. Click on the cover images below to browse last year's issues. The next issue will be published in June 2014. 
CAAST-Net Plus Magazine
CAAST-Net Plus Magazine
Stay Informed

Browse through CAAST-Net Plus reports, and the reports of our close collaborators.

Africa-EU Research Collaboration on Climate Change, Food Security and Water Linkages 
A CAAST-Net Plus report (2013)

Role of Research Infrastructures in Africa-EU Cooperation 
A joint CAAST-Net and PAERIP report (2013)

Mapping of Best Practice Regional and Multi-country Cooperative STI Initiatives Between Africa and Europe 
A HTSPE - Eurotrends report (2013)

Joint EU-Africa Initiatives on the Role of Science, Technology and Innovation in Promoting Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture 
A joint report of the African Union Commission and European Commission (2013)

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Meet Us in Berlin

[Image credit: CAAST-Net Plus]

CAAST-Net Plus will be hosting a panel discussion at the Seventh European Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership Forum in Berlin, Germany, on 2 July 2014. Our focus? Connecting public and private sector in the search for better health outcomes for African and European citizens.

For more information about this event, write to
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Save the Date

IST-Africa Technology Research Conference
6-9 May, 2014 - Mauritius

Africa Agribusiness Forum 2014
28-29 May, 2014 - Austria

4th Africa Health Congress
29-31 May, 2014 - South Africa

Forum on Food and Agricultural Systems Management
17-19 June, 2014 - South Africa

Euroscience Open Forum 2014
21-26 June, 2014 - Denmark

Seventh EDCTP Forum: The Partnership Journey
30 June - 2 July, 2014 - Germany

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